Floreat Our Boys' Paper [1886]
Gail Hamilton (Mary Abigail Dodge), John T. Trowbridge, Lucy Larcom Our Young Folks
Martin Merrythought St. George's Magazine
Petroleum V. Nasby The Blade
Hedley O'Mant (C.M. Down's department) Nelson Lee Library (2nd New Series)
Bernard Baily (of US edition) For Boys Only
? Selected Science-Fiction Magazine
Steven Heighton Quarry Magazine
Robert Fulford (with 14 others) Saturday Night [1887]
Francis Jeffrey 1802 - 1829 The Edinburgh Review [1802]
Dan Roberts Keyhole Mystery Magazine (1st series)
John Lewis & Jay Pell Colorado Review (1st series)
David Milofsky Colorado Review (2nd series)
Robert P. Mills Venture Science Fiction (1st series)
Edward L. Ferman Venture Science Fiction (2nd series)
Neil Shepard; Tony Whedon Green Mountains Review (2nd series)
A collective Earth's Daughters
Barbara Hamby (with a collective) Apalachee Quarterly
A panel comprising H.E. Bates, Arthur Calder-Marshall, Hamish Miles, E.J. O'Brien, L.A. Pavey & Geoffrey West New Stories (UK)
A. Donnelly Aitken Chums
A. Donnelly Aitken; F.G. Cordwell Fun and Fiction
A. E. Fletcher The New Age
A. E. Waite Horlick's Magazine
A. Harrop The Babbler
A. Lowry Sessions Complete Stories
A. Spenser Allberry The Bystander
A. Spenser Allberry Piccadilly [1929]
A. Wilson Barrett The Colour Magazine
A.A. Wyn Western Trails
A.A. Wyn Ace Sports (Monthly)
A.A. Wyn Sky Aces
A.A. Wyn Golden West Magazine [1936]
A.A. Wyn 10 Short Novels Magazine
A.A. Wyn Western Aces
A.A. Wyn at outset; Robert W. Lowndes under Columbia Real Western Magazine
A.B. Symington Atalanta
A.C. Marshall The Crusoe Mag.
A.D. Gorfain Silver Jacket
A.D. Hill Ev'ry Month
A.D. Peters Pan
A.E.W. Thomas The Listener
A.F. Gulli The Strand Magazine [1988]
A.G. Hales New Boys' World
A.H. Folwell Puck [1877]
A.J. Gontier & C.G. Williams Golden Fleece
A.L. Haydon The Lady's World [1898]
A.L. Haydon; G.R. Pocklington from #54 Rovering
A.R. Roberts; W.W. Hubbard; H.D. Hubbard; Harold Hersey from May-1936 New Mystery Adventures
A.W. Bell Appeal
A.W. Board Tip Top stories of adventure and mystery
Abigail Mozley Bananas
Abner J. Sundell Adventure Yarns
Abner J. Sundell True Detective Cases from Police Files
Abraham Heraud The Monthly Magazine
Abraham Merritt The American Weekly
Abraham N. Gerbovoy, Madelin Leof, Abe Grosner, Herman Silverman The Guardian: A Literary Monthly
Ada Chesterton The New Witness
Adam Bly Seed Magazine
Adam DH Torkelson Horror Carousel
Adam Powell & Paul Silvia Neotrope
Addison & Steele The Spectator [1711]
Adolphe Barreaux Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective
Adolphe Barreaux Pocket Detective Magazine [1950]
Adrian Tan Winedark Sea
Adrian Vincent; John Davies; Jack Parker; Fred Lidstone (Assistant Editor); Ken Roscoe Look and Learn
Adrienne Brodeur Zoetrope: All-Story
Adrienne Miller Esquire
Adrienne Reynolds Gateways
Agnes L. Carruthers Christian Novels
Al Silverman Climax (US)
Al Valentine World-Wide Detective Stories
Al Valentine Daredevil Detective Stories
Al Vermette Blood Moon Rising
Al Vermette Werewolf
Alan Bott The Graphic
Alan Coren Punch
Alan Ross London Magazine [1954]
Alaric Watts The New Monthly Magazine
Albert A. Proctor Adventure [1910]
Albert F. Gegenheimer at outset; Edgar A. Dryden Arizona Quarterly
Albert G. Lanier St. Nicholas
Albert J. Gibney Flynn's (Weekly Detective)
Albert J. Gibney The Argosy [1882]
Albert Shaw Review of Reviews (US)
Albert Smith Bentley's Miscellany
Albert T. Bledsoe The Southern Review [1867]
Albion W. Tourg^e'e Our Continent
Alden H. Norton The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Magazine
Alden H. Norton Dime Adventure Magazine
Alden H. Norton Adventure [1910]
Alden H. Norton Astonishing Stories
Alden H. Norton Shell Scott Mystery Magazine
Alden H. Norton Super Science Stories (Canadian)
Alden H. Norton Super Science Stories
Alden H. Norton The Argosy [1882]
Alden H. Norton The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. Magazine
Alden H. Norton Fifteen Sports Stories
Alderson Anderson The Magpie [1911]
Alderson Anderson The Grand Magazine
Alex Irvine & T. Davidsohn Journal of Pulse-Pounding Narratives
Alexander Blackburn (in 1998); C. Kenneth Pellow Writers' Forum [1974]
Alexander Blackwood Blackwood's (Edinburgh) Magazine
Alexander Caplen Wigwag
Alexander MacKenzie & Alexander MacGregor; later Alexander MacBain The Celtic Magazine
Alexander Marky Pearson's Magazine (US)
Alexander Samalman Stories Annual
Alexander Samalman Startling Stories
Alexander Samalman Fantastic Story Quarterly
Alexander Samalman. Air Wonder Stories
Alexander Strahan The Saint Paul's
Alexander Strahan The Contemporary Review
Alexis Levitin The Quest [1965]
Alexis Maria de Beck The Universal Magazine
Alexis Maria de Beck The Ludgate Monthly
Alfred Austin The National Review [1883]
Alfred B. Cooper The Sunday Strand
Alfred B. Tozer Chicago Ledger
Alfred Bercovici Gothic Secrets
Alfred Brockman Parade [1960s]
Alfred Brockman Parade [1915]
Alfred Dashiell Scribner's Magazine
Alfred E. Smith The Outlook [1870]
Alfred Edgar Nelson Lee Library (1st New Series)
Alfred Edgar Champion
Alfred Edgar [Assistant Editor] Rocket
Alfred Edgar [Assistant Editor] Pluck [1894]
Alfred Grenet Crime and Justice Detective Story Magazine
Alfred Grenet Homicide Detective Story Magazine
Alfred Grenet Blazing Guns
Alfred Grenet Terror Detective Story Magazine
Alfred H. Guernsey Harper's New Monthly Magazine
Alfred Harmsworth Youth [1882]
Alfred Harmsworth Answers
Alfred Holman Argonaut [1877]
Alfred Richard Orage The New Age
Alfred W. Barratt Nuggets
Alfred W. Barratt The Garland
Alfred W. Barratt? Varieties
Algis Budrys Tomorrow [1993]
Alice M. Head The Woman at Home
Alice Maud Head Nash's Magazine
Alice Milligan & Ethna Carbery The Shan Van Vocht
Alice Turner Playboy
Alison Pylkkanen She
Alistair MacLeod (in 1998); Katherine Quinsey Windsor Review
Alistair Paterson to Nov-1954, then John Russell Fearn Vargo Statten Science Fiction Magazine
Alister Innes Thrills Incorporated
Allen Camelli True Strange (Stories) [1956]
Allen J. Hubin The Armchair Detective
Allen Koszowski Inhuman
Allen Koszowski Allen K's Inhuman
Allen Tate Sewanee Review
Alma Chesnut Moore She (US)
Almira McKeon The Overland Monthly
Alootook Ipellie Kivioq
Amber Dorko Stopper Night Rally
Amber Vogel The Journal of African Travel-Writing
Ambrose Bierce Wasp
Ambrose Bierce & Jerome A. Hart Argonaut [1877]
Amita Fairgieve All-Story Love (Stories/Tales/Magazine)
Amita Fairgrieve Love Story Magazine
Amita Fairgrieve Cupid's Diary
Amy Beth Forbes & Beth Adele Long Turbocharged Fortune Cookie
an editorial board of varying members, inc. George Smith, Frederick Greenwood, G.H. Lewes and Edward Dutton Cook The Cornhill Magazine
Andre Fontaine (The) Blue Book (Magazine)
Andre Scheluchin Wicked Mystic
Andres Vaccari Abaddon
Andrew Busby & Lisa Busby Sackcloth & Ashes
Andrew C. Anson Dan Jordan Sky Soldier
Andrew C. Hunter The Skipper [1930]
Andrew Chatto Belgravia
Andrew Ellsmore (#1), Leo Bulero Other Times
Andrew Griffin Quarry Magazine
Andrew Holgate W Magazine
Andrew Lytle Sewanee Review
Andrew McAleer Crimestalker Casebook
Andrew Pitt-Kethley Wide World Magazine
Andrew Tonkovich Santa Monica Review
Andrew Tutty The Affectionate Punch
Andris Taskans Prairie Fire
Andy Cox Interzone
Andy Cox The Third Alternative
Andy Jones Inferno!
Andy Jones & Marc Gascoigne Inferno!
Andy Spear & Ray Thibodeaux New Delta Review
Angela Kessler Dreams of Decadence
Angus Dunn NorthWords (Scotland)
Ann Kennedy The Sterling Web
Ann Smith, Auberon Waugh The Literary Review (UK)
Anna Wintour Vogue
Anne Harrison Bitch Magazine
Anne M. Griffin Today's Magazine
Anne P. Rankin Southern Woman's Magazine
Anne Turyn Top Stories
anonymous but likely to have been Ethel Gutman The Bermondsey Book
anonymous but likely to have been Frederick Heath The Bermondsey Book
Anson Bond & Eddie Koblitz Movie Mystery Magazine
Anthony Beal Scared Naked Magazine
Anthony Blunt (Nov 1928-Jun 1929), H. Romilly Fedden & Michael Redgrave The Venture (1928)
Anthony Boucher The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Anthony Boucher & J. Francis McComas The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Anthony Burke Borderlands
Anthony Lejeune Time and Tide
Anthony M. Rud Detective Story Magazine [1915]
Anthony M. Rud Clues
Anthony M. Rud Adventure [1910]
Anthony Thwaite Encounter
Anthony Trollope The Saint Paul's
Antonyo Nelson at outset; Kevin McIlvoy Puerto del Sol
Apr-1930? J. I. Lawrence Top-Notch Magazine
Archibald Bittner The Argosy [1882]
Archibald Bolling Shepperson (in 1940), Staige D. Blackford The Virginia Quarterly Review
Archibald Grove The New Review [1889]
Archibald L. Sessions People's Magazine
Archibald Lowry Sessions Gunter's Magazine
Archibald Lowry Sessions Ainslee's Magazine
Arleen L. Quarfoot [fiction editor] Good Housekeeping (US)
Arline Usden The Lady
Arnold Bennett Woman [1898]
Arnold Gingrich Esquire
Arnold Gingrich Coronet
Arnold Panting The Boys' Friend [1895]
Arnold Shaw Swank
Art Homer & Richard Duggin at outset; James Reed Nebraska Review
Arthur a'Beckett Britannia [1869]
Arthur Aldcroft [Assistant Editor] Gem Library (New Series)
Arthur Aldcroft [Assistant Editor] The Penny Popular
Arthur Aldcroft [under C.M. Down] Gem Library (New Series)
Arthur Brackman Stag [1937]
Arthur Brenton The New Age
Arthur Brooke (Arthur C. Marshall); John R. Wade Boys' Leader [1903]
Arthur Brooke [Arthur C. Marshall] Big Budget
Arthur Crook The Times Literary Supplement
Arthur Fish? The Woman's World [1886]
Arthur Gordon The Cosmopolitan
Arthur Greening The Imp
Arthur H. Chamberlain The Overland Monthly
Arthur H. Landis Coven 13
Arthur H. Lynch Amazing Stories Quarterly [1928]
Arthur H. Samuels Harper's Bazar/Bazaar
Arthur Hutchinson The Windsor Magazine
Arthur Innes The Monthly Packet
Arthur J. Ireland Boys' Champion Story Paper
Arthur L. Hayward Chums
Arthur L. Purtill Four Arts
Arthur Lawrence The Idler [1892]
Arthur Lawson Buck Jones Western Stories
Arthur Lawson All Western Magazine
Arthur Lawson Western Romances
Arthur Lawson; Eugene A. Clancy Crime Mysteries
Arthur Lincoln Haydon The Boy's Own Paper
Arthur Locker The Graphic
Arthur Marshall The Boys' Friend [1895]
Arthur Mee Children's Newspaper
Arthur Mee. Children's Pictorial [1924]
Arthur Moss Gargoyle (France)
Arthur Perles True Crime Magazine [1936]
Arthur S. Hoffman McClure's Magazine
Arthur S. Hoffman Adventure [1910]
Arthur Sewall Good News
Arthur Steffans; John W. Wheway Sports For Boys
Arthur Steffens Sports Fun
Arthur Straker R.E.M.
Arthur Sullivant Hoffman Romance [1919]
Arthur Sullivant Hoffman Tales from Town Topics
Arthur Symons The Savoy
Arthur T. Vance The Pictorial Review
Arthur T. Vance Home Magazine [1888]
Arthur Unger Man's Magazine
Arthur W. Little Pearson's Magazine (US)
Arthur Waite. Merry-Go-Round (New Series)
Arthur's sons Arthur's Home Magazine
as publishers Demorest's Monthly Magazine
Askold Melnyczuk Agni
Audrey Slaughter Honey
August Derleth Mystic Magazine
August Derleth The Arkham Sampler
August Derleth The Arkham Collector
Augustus Baker Tubby Haig Supplement
Aune Butt to May-1974; then Julie Davis Science Fiction Monthly [1974]
Austin Harrison The English Review
Avery Rome Inquirer Magazine
Avram Davidson The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
B. Hoyle & W. Barker; G. Suddards The Spartan
B. Ifor Evans The Adelphi (1923)
B. Jones George Bruce's Contact
B. Jones Squadron + Contact
B. Jones George Bruce's Squadron
B.A. Mackinnon Complete Detective Novel Magazine
B.G. Davis South Sea Stories [1939]
B.R. Ampolsk Bluebook (for Men)
B.R. Ampolsk Man's Illustrated
Babette Rosmond The Shadow
Babette Rosmond Doc Savage
Balfour Ritchie Boys' Friend Library
Balfour Ritchie [Assistant Editor] Sexton Blake Library
Barbara Gittings The Ladder
Barbara Grier The Ladder
Barbara Probst Solomon The Reading Room
Barbara Rodman American Literary Review
Barbara Schrank Gothic Romances
Barbara Stone Hampton Shorts
Barbara Westwood Diehl (1996 - 2003); Susan Muaddi Darraj The Baltimore Review
Barbara Willis Teenager
Barbara Willis Cheery Chicks
Barney Rosset & Donald Allen Evergreen Review
Barry Ergang Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine
Barry Malzberg Amazing Stories
Barry N. Malzberg Fantastic [1952]
Barry Pain To-Day [1893]
Barry Radburn & Stephen Studach Australian Horror and Fantasy Magazine
Barry Silesky Another Chicago Magazine
Barry Weightman; Alison Haymond Early Times
Bart Anders Shock Mystery Tales
Barton Currie The Country Gentleman
Basil Mathews Outward Bound
Basil Storey Boys' World [1950]
Basil Storey School Cap
Basil Wilby New Dimensions
Batya Weinbaum FemSpec
Baxter Hathaway; Michael Koch Epoch
Bayard Happy
Beatrice Goodwin The Woman at Home
Beatrice Jones Fantastic Universe
Belinda Subraman & S. Ramnath Gypsy
Ben Bova Astounding Stories/Science-Fiction
Ben Bova Omni
Ben Bova Analog Annual
Ben Hibbs The Saturday Evening Post
Ben Hibbs The Country Gentleman
Ben Payne Potato Monkey
Ben Sonnenberg at outset; Jean Stein Grand Street
Benjamin B. Minor Southern Literary Messenger
Benjamin Clarke Kind Words for Boys and Girls
Benjamin Clarke (1880 - 1889); Thomas Archer (1889 - 1894); H.G. Groser Young England [1880]
Benjamin P. Avery The Overland Monthly
Benjamin Tefft The Ladies' Repository
Bern Williams Army Romances
Bern Williams Navy Romances
Bernard Buley Scoops
Bernard Buley The Boys' Magazine [1922]
Bernard Drew Attic Revivals
Bernard Everett The Scout
Bernard Everett [briefly] The Scout
Bernard Hollowood Punch
Bernard Smith Champion
Bernard Smith Champion
Bernard Smith [Assistant Editor] The Scout
Bernard Watson (c. 1966); Malcolm Bale Vanguard [196?]
Bernice Slote Prairie Schooner
Beth McGregor Harlequin Magazine
Bethel Strousberg Sharpe's London Magazine
Betsy Blackwell Mademoiselle
Betsy Sussler Bomb
Betty Sears Calling All Girls
Bevis Winter Stag [1945]
Bevis Winter Modern Story Magazine
Bianca Broderick & Mansel Wetherall Dark Asylum
Bill Buford Granta [1979]
Bill Buford [fiction editor] The New Yorker
Bill Hughes Dread
Bill Laidlaw Doc Savage Quarterly
Bill Rupp Continuum Science Fiction
Bill Yates Ballyhoo Magazine
Bin Ramke Denver Quarterly
Bliss Perry The Atlantic Monthly
Bob Cartwright A Shot in the Dark
Bob Taylor Bob Taylor's Magazine
Bob Taylor & John Trotwood Moore Bob Taylor's Magazine
Bob Windsor & Donald Measham Staple New Writing
Bobb Cotter Doc Savage ^-- Inside and Out
Bonavia Hunt Cassell's Magazine
Bonavia Hunt The Quiver
Bonnie Chasteen Sycamore Review
Boris Castel Queens Quarterly
Boris Johnson The Spectator [1828]
Boris V. Karpovich Soviet Life
Boyd M. Ranking Time [1879]
Brad Davis Broken Bridge Review
Brad Jones Cavalcade (US)
Bradford Morrow Conjunctions
Brenda Girvin Our Jabberwock
Bret Harte The Overland Monthly
Brett Van Emst Midnight Mind
Brian A. Dixon Revelation
Brian Howell Madison Magazine
Brian Lingard Mythos Collector
Brian Lingard Black Satellite
Brigid Hughes A Public Space
Brisben Walker Physical Culture
Bruce & Beatrice Blackmar Gould The Ladies' Home Journal
Bruce Cassiday The Argosy [1882]
Bruce Cassiday Adventure [1910]
Bruce Elliot Gent
Bruce Elliott Rogue
Bruce Elliott; Bruce Arthur (in 1968 - 1974); John Fox The Dude
Bruce Ingram The Illustrated London News
Bruce Ingram The Sketch
Bruce Ingram The English Illustrated Magazine
Bruce Jay Friedman Swank
Bruce Morgan Tamaqua
Bruce Richmond The Times Literary Supplement
Bryan Cholfin Crank!
Buddy Martinez Iniquities
Bulwer Lytton The New Monthly Magazine
Burges Johnson Judge
Burt L. Standish (Gilbert Patten) Top-Notch Magazine
Burton Wohl Escapade
Burton, assisted by Edgar Allan Poe Burton's Gentleman's Magazine
Byron Preiss Weird Heroes
Byron Roark #1; Arnie Fenner & Pat Cadigan #2 Chacal
C. Arthur Lutz Concordia Magazine
C. B. Cox & E. A. Dyson, Colin MacCabe The Critical Quarterly
C. Chauncey Burr The Old Guard
C. Darren Butler Magic Realism
C. E. Norton, J. R. Lowell, Henry Adams, Col. George Harvey The North American Review [1815]
C. Eaton Fearn The Triumph
C. Eaton Fearn Girls' Crystal
C. Kinloch Cooke at outset Empire Review
C. Langdon Davies The China Magazine, A Monthly Miscellany
C. Malcolm Hincks [assistant] Big Budget
C. Maurice Down Schoolboys' Own Library
C. Michael Curtis The Atlantic Monthly
C.A. Christian Ev'ry Month
C.B. Christesen Meanjin
C.B. Willcox; Wathen Call The Cambridge University Magazine
C.F. Briggs Putnam's Magazine
C.F. Briggs Putnam's Magazine
C.F. Briggs to 22-Feb-1845; Briggs, Poe & Watson to 28-Jun-1845; Poe & Watson to 18-Oct-1845; then Poe The Broadway Journal
C.F. Scott Four O'Clock
C.F. Scott Four O'Clock
C.H. Butler Jack's Paper
C.H. Wright The Quiver
C.J. Harris Liberty (Canada)
C.K. Shorter The Illustrated London News
C.K. Shorter The Sphere
C.K. Shorter The Sketch
C.L. Hind Pall Mall Budget
C.M. Down Magnet Library
C.M. Down Gem Library (New Series)
C.M. Down The Boys' Friend [1895]
C.M. Down [Assistant Editor] Magnet Library
C.M. Down [Assistant Editor] Gem Library (New Series)
C.M. Mayo Tameme
C.W. Pipkin The Southern Review [1935]
C.W. Wingham The Grand Magazine
Calvin Wharton (in 2000 - 2002); Billeh Nickerson Event
Camille Cazedessus Pulpdom
Cancery Stone Sex
Candas Jane Dorsey Prairie Fire
Candy Lee (in 1997); Rebecca Pearson Harlequin World's Best Romances
Carl F. Happel Three Star Magazine
Carl Schurz Harper's Weekly
Carl Sifakis Men
Carl V. Happel Clues
Carl Williams Physical Culture
Carla Spataro & Christine Weiser Philadelphia Stories
Carleton Garretson Judge
Carlton Mellick, III & William Simmons Earwig Flesh Factory
Carmel Snow Harper's Bazar/Bazaar
Carol Bonomo Albright Italian Americana
Carol Colina American Accent
Carol Greenhouse Deadsnake Apotheosis
Carol Weekes Northern Fusion
Carole Findlater Family
Carole Russell Woman [1937]
Caroline M. Kirkland alone to 1848, then with John S. Hart to Jun-1851; Reynell Coates to Nov-1851; then John Sartain The Union Magazine
Carrie Vaughn Modern Love
Carson Mowre All Fiction
Carson Mowre Ace-High (Western) (Stories) Magazine
Carson Mowre Western Romances
Carson Mowre War Aces
Carson Mowre All Detective Magazine
'Casey Jones' until Aug-1929, then Allan K. Echols Air Adventures [1928]
Cashel St. J. Pomeroy Yellow Book [1915]
Cashel St.John Pomeroy Young's Magazine
Cashel St.John Pomeroy Breezy Stories
Caspar Whitney Outing
Cathy Buburuz Champagne Shivers
Cathy Cupitt The Rhizome Factor
Cathy Shanks Spellbound (1993)
Cecil Adamson The Boys' Realm
Cecil Chesterton The New Witness
Cecil Cowper The Academy
Cecil H. Bullivant Scholar's Own (New Series)
Cecil H. Bullivant Boys' Best Story Paper
Cecil H. Bullivant The Captain [1899]
Cecil H. Bullivant Boys' Herald [1903]
Cecil Harmsworth The London Magazine [1898]
Cele Goldsmith [Lalli] Amazing Stories
Cele Goldsmith [Lalli] Fantastic [1952]
Celine Naughton Woman's Way
Cenys Kilham Roberts Penguin Parade
Chaman Hall to #5, then Russell Green Coterie
Chandler H. Whipple The Argosy [1882]
Chandler H. Whipple Dime Mystery Magazine
Charleen Whisnant Red Clay Reader
Charles Agnew MacLean The Popular Magazine
Charles Appleton The Academy
Charles Boff (Assistant Editor); Fred Lidstone The Modern Boy
Charles Bosman & Bernard Sachs Trek
Charles Brown The Youth's Play Hour
Charles Brown The Boys' Journal [1863]
Charles C. Ryan Galileo
Charles C. Ryan Aboriginal Science Fiction Anthology
Charles C. Ryan Aboriginal Science Fiction
Charles Cole? Elmo's Own
Charles D. Hornig Air Wonder Stories
Charles D. Hornig first 2 issues, then Robert W. Lowndes Science Fiction Quarterly
Charles D. Hornig Nov-1939 - Jul-1943; thereafter Robert [A.] W. Lowndes Future (Science) Fiction
Charles Dalziel Fun
Charles Dickens Household Words
Charles Dickens Bentley's Miscellany
Charles Dickens All the Year Round
Charles Dickens, Jr. All the Year Round
Charles Doble The Academy
Charles Down The Gem
Charles Down The Magnet
Charles Dwyer The Delineator
Charles E.S. Chambers Chambers's Edinburgh Journal
Charles Fenno Hoffman American Monthly Magazine [1833]
Charles Fenno Hoffman The Knickerbocker or New-York Monthly Magazine
Charles Fox The Boys' Standard
Charles G. Leland The Knickerbocker or New-York Monthly Magazine
Charles G. Leland The Continental Monthly
Charles Godfrey Leland Graham's Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine
Charles Goodman Ka-Zar
Charles H. Daniels Wings (UK)
Charles H. Rowell Callaloo
Charles H. Taylor American Homes
Charles Hanbury-Williams The Monthly Review [1900]
Charles Hanson Towne Harper's Bazar/Bazaar
Charles Hanson Towne & Arthur Griscom The Smart Set
Charles Henry Phelps The Californian [1880]
Charles Herbert The Temple Magazine
Charles J. Finger Reedy's Mirror
Charles J. Longman Longman's Magazine
Charles K. Field Sunset
Charles Knight Knight's Quarterly Magazine
Charles Knight The Penny Magazine [1832]
Charles L. Hind The Academy
Charles L. Ortleb; Tom Steele Christopher Street
Charles Lever The Dublin Literary Gazette
Charles Lever The Dublin University Magazine
Charles M. Stebbins Child Lore
Charles Mackay Robin Goodfellow
Charles Manders [Assistant Editor] Pluck [1894]
Charles Miner Thompson The Youth's Companion [1827]
Charles Moran Sport Story Magazine
Charles Moran The Wizard [1940]
Charles Moran The Shadow
Charles Moran Doc Savage
Charles N. Barnard True
Charles Ogilvie The Ludgate Weekly Magazine
Charles Overbeck Forbidden Lines
Charles Partington Something Else
Charles Partington & Harry Nadler Alien Worlds [1966]
Charles Peters Girl's Own Paper
Charles Peterson Peterson's Magazine
Charles R. Morley The Pall Mall Magazine
Charles Roden Buxton The Independent Review
Charles Rowcroft Hood's Magazine
Charles S. Aiken Sunset
Charles Shurey Smart Novels
Charles Shurey The Royal Novelette
Charles Sisley The London Magazine [1898]
Charles Sisley The Penny Pictorial Magazine
Charles Spurgeon Johnson Opportunity: A Journal of Negro Life
Charles St. John Pierce The Schoolgirls' Own
Charles Stainsby Today [1960]
Charles Stanford The Dublin University Magazine
Charles Stevens Boys of England [1866]
Charles Stevens The Empire
Charles Stevens The Boys Book of Romance
Charles Stuart Pratt; Ella Farman Pratt; Margherita Osborn Osborne Little Folks (US)
Charles Vivian The Lady's Magazine [1901]
Charles Vivian The Corner Magazine [1922]
Charles Vivian Cassell's Magazine
Charles W. Forward The Animals' Guardian
Charles W. Smith The Tryout
Charles W. Wood The Argosy [1865]
Charlie Hughes & Leatha Kendrick Wind
Charlotte M. Yonge The Monthly Packet
Charlotte Raven The Modern Review [1991]
Charlton Warwick London Forum
Cherie Jung Over My Dead Body!
Chesla Sherlock St. Nicholas
Chester Higgins The Crisis
Chester Whitehorn Science Fiction Digest [1954]
Chester Whitehorn Planet Stories
Chester Whitehorn Vortex Science Fiction
Chris Krejlgaard Parsec
Chris Lacher New Blood
Chris Reed Back Brain Recluse
Chris Ulm Spicy Tales
Chris Ulm Spicy Adult Stories
Christabel R. Coleridge The Monthly Packet
Christian Dunn Inferno!
Christian Johnstone Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
Christina Sng Macabre [2002]
Christina Thompson Meanjin
Christopher Busa (in 1998); Jennifer Liese Provincetown Arts
Christopher Hewitt A&U
Christopher M. Cevasco Paradox
Christopher Plumberton Shock Tales
Christopher Plumberton Suspense (Tales)
Christopher Roden & Barbara Roden All Hallows
Christopher Rowe, Gwenda Bond & Alan DeNiro Say^._
Claire Glass Calling All Girls
Claire Glass Compact: The Young People's Digest
Claire Nixon Twisted Tongue
Clarence B. Kelland The American Boy
'Clarence H.M. Foster (c. 1926 - 1934); A. Morgan Derham The Boys' Magazine [1886]
Clarence Winchester The Story-Teller [1907]
Clarence Winchester Cassell's Magazine
Clarence Winchester The Argosy [1926]
Clarence Winchester The Corner Magazine [1922]
Clarence Winchester Chums
Claudia Kawczynska The Bark
Clayton H. Ernst The Open Road
Cleanth Brooks The Southern Review [1935]
Clement King Shorter The English Illustrated Magazine
Clement Kinloch-Cooke The English Illustrated Magazine
Cliff Campbell Double-Action Gang Magazine
Cliff Campbell Air Action
Cliff Campbell Undercover Detective
Cliff Campbell Smashing Novels Magazine
Cliff Campbell to Jan-1942; Robert A.W. Lowndes Crack Detective (and Mystery) (Stories)
Cliff Campbell; Robert A.W. Lowndes Famous Western
Cliff Lawton A Book of Weird Tales
Clifford Bax & Austin O. Spare The Golden Hind
Clifford Dowdey Western Romances
Clifford Gates [Assistant Editor] The Ranger [1931]
Clifford Hong If
Clifford Sharp The New Statesman
Clifton Fadiman Cricket & Company
Clifton Fadiman (in 1974); Lynn Gutknetcht; Deborah Vetter Cricket
Clinton Keeler Cimarron Review
Clive Aslett Country Life
Clive Labovitch Man About Town (UK)
Clive Labovitch & Michael Heseltine Man About Town (UK)
Colin Wright Stim Magazine
collective Sub-Terrain Magazine
collective under Ellen Dudley The Marlboro Review
Colleen J. McElroy The Seattle Review
Collin Brooks Truth
Comyns Beaumont The London Magazine [1898]
Comyns Beaumont The Bystander
Conrad Swackhamer Democratic Review
Constance G. Sturmey Child Education
Corey Marks American Literary Review
Cornelius Mathews & Every Duychinck Arcturus
Corwin F. Stickney Science Fantasy Correspondent
Costa Caroussa Startling Mystery
Costa Carousso Sinister Stories
Craig Raine Aret^e' [1999]
'Craig Rice' Craig Rice Crime Digest
Craig Sernotti Yellow Bat Review
Craig Strete Red Planet Earth
Crichton Miln Girls' Realm
currently Chuck Thompson American Way
currently Curt Johnson December: A Magazine of the Arts & Opinion
currently David Nicholls; Andrew Rathmann The Chicago Review
currently Kathy Watson Woman's Realm
currently Leonard Holdsworth Tit-Bits
currently Mandi Norwood; fiction editor Kate Figes Cosmopolitan (UK)
currently Michael Hathaway Chiron Review
currently Sinclair Matheson The People's Friend
currently Steve Shields Mayfair [1966]
currently Vivian Shipley Connecticut Review
Curtis Mitchell Fantasy Fiction [1950]
Cylvia Kleinman Charlie Chan Mystery Magazine
Cylvia Kleinman Zane Grey's Western Magazine
Cylvia Kleinman Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine Annual
Cynthia Conlin Implosion
Cynthia Crawshaw Phoenix [1941]
Cynthia Lollar (in 2000); Eve Rosenbaum Folio
Cyril Connolly & Stephen Spender Horizon: A Review of Literature and Art
Cyril Kersh Reveille
D. Anson Pratt The New York Ledger
D. Edward Deifer Xconnect: Writers of the Information Age
D. Henry Gentleman's Magazine
D.J. Enright Encounter
D.J. Herda The Elks Magazine
D.W. Holly Democratic Review
Daisy Bacon The Shadow
Daisy Bacon All Fiction Stories
Daisy Bacon All Fiction Detective Stories
Daisy Bacon Detective Story Magazine [1915]
Daisy Bacon Doc Savage
Daisy Bacon Love Story Magazine
Daisy Bacon from 1944 Detective Story Annual
Dale Hammell Copper Toadstool
Dale Hearell RE:AL: The Journal of Liberal Arts
Dale Speirs Thrilling Typewriter Stories
Damon Knight If
Damon Knight Worlds Beyond
Damon Sauve Oyster Boy Review
Dan Crowe Zembla Magazine
Dan Doyle Algonquin Roundtable Review
Dan Liss Oracle2000
Dan R. Latimer & Virginia M. Kouidis Southern Humanities Review
Dan Sicoli Slipstream (1981)
Daniel Curry The Ladies' Repository
Daniel Defoe The Review [1704]
Daniel Halpern Ant^aeus
Daniel Medici Vampire Dan's Story Emporium
Daniel Roberts Press
Daniel S. Ford [and associates] The Youth's Companion [1827]
Daniel Shapiro Review [1968]
Daniel Sinker Punk Planet
Daniel Treiman New Voices
Daniel Veach Atlanta Review
Daniel Weiss The Rejected Quarterly
Daniel Wolf The Village Voice
Danny Rosenbaum & Rupert Vandervell The Auteur
Darrell Arnold Cowboy Magazine
Darrell Schweitzer Weird Tales
Darren Smith Tales from the Transdimensional Horror Express
Dave Dapkewicz Always Comes Twilight
Dave Felts Maelstrom Speculative Fiction
Dave Hughes Works
Dave Hughes Skeleton Crew
Dave Hughes & Nick Belcher Skeleton Crew
Dave Kuhne and Lynne Risser Descant (US)
Dave Lindschmidt City Slab
Dave McFerran Airgedl^a'mh
Dave Reeder Skeleton Crew
Dave Reeder Fantasy Macabre
David A. Green Nasty Piece of Work
David Adams & Frederick Whittaker The Young New Yorker
David Almond Panurge
David Appelbaum Parabola
David Applefield Frank
David Arnold Balch The Famous Story Magazine
David B. Silva The Horror Show
David Bell Peeping Tom [1990]
David Bieda & Dave Robins Circuit
David Black Perfect 10
David Bottoms & Pam Durban Five Points
David C. Kopaska-Merkel Star*Line
David C. Kopaska-Merkel Dreams and Nightmares
David C. Yates Cedar Rock
David Cowdall Dead Things
David D. Combs The Ultimate Unknown
David Eggers McSweeney's
David Fletcher Blackwood's (Edinburgh) Magazine
David G. Barnett Bloodsongs
David G. Hartwell Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazine
David Goodhart Prospect [1995]
David H. Lynn The Kenyon Review
David Hamilton The Iowa Review
David Hill Weekend [1960s]
David Honeybone Crime Factory
David Hughes Man About Town (UK)
David L. Greene & Lisa Hodgens Lumpkin Habersham Review
David LaBounty & Jeff Adams The First Line
David Lasser Science Wonder Quarterly
David Lasser Air Wonder Stories
David Lazar Hotel Amerika
David Longhorn Supernatural Tales
David M. Cox Darkling Plain
David M. Switzer & Robert P. Switzer Challenging Destiny
David Masson Macmillan's Magazine
David Maxine Oz-story Magazine
David Morton Region
David P. Dunning Black Rose
David P. Dunning Beyond the Rose
David Pringle Interzone
David Pringle Million: The Magazine About Popular Fiction
David R. Williams and Richard Moore Red Scream
David Raffelock The Echo
David Redstone Ace-High (Western) (Stories) Magazine
David Riley Beyond Fantasy & Science Fiction
David Roberts Sexton Blake Library
David Ross City Primeval
David S. Garnett New Worlds
David Stuart Davies Sherlock Holmes: The Detective Magazine
David Summers Hadrosaur Tales
David Whitelaw The Premier Magazine
David Whitelaw The London Magazine [1898]
David Williamson The Quiver
David Williamson The Temple Magazine
David Williamson Cassell's Magazine
David Williamson The Windsor Magazine
David X. Manners Triple Detective
David X. Manners Top Detective Annual
David X. Manners Popular Western
Davis Wasgatt Clark The Ladies' Repository
Dawn Baillie Vignette
Dawn Raffel The Red Book
Dean Wesley Smith Pulphouse: A Weekly Magazine
Deborah Barker Homes and Gardens
Deborah Orr Weekend [1990s]
Deborah Shepard Icarus Ascending
Deborah Tall Seneca Review
Dee Nolan You
Del Cooper Wide World Magazine
Del Martin The Ladder
Denis Pitts Lilliput
Denise Crittenden The Crisis
Dennis Block & Michelle Alfano Blood & Aphorisms
Dennis H. Lopez Apple Pie
Dennis H. Pratt Strange Adventures (UK)
Dennis H. Pratt Futuristic Stories
Dennis Held Talking River Review
Dennis J. Druktenis The New Adventures of Frankenstein
Dennis Kirk Outer Darkness
Dent Smith Encore
Denys Val Baker Writing Today [1943]
Derek Birnage Champion
Derek Birnage Champion
Derek Birnage Champion
Derek Threadgall Space-Wise
Derek Walker-Smith The English Review
Derk Wynand; Marlene Cookshaw The Malahat Review
Deryck Abel The Contemporary Review
Des Lewis Nemonymous
Desmond McCarthy Life and Letters
DeWitt Wallace, Kenneth W. Payne and many others The Reader's Digest
Diana Leafe Christian Communities
Diane Williams Noon
Diane Williams (in 1998); Anne Brashler (in 2000); M.M.M. Hayes (in 2002); Story Quarterly
Different editor for each issue Spit in the Ocean
Dino Siotis Aegean Review
Dionysius Lardner The Monthly Chronicle [1838]
Dionysius Lardner & Edward Bulwer-Lytton The Monthly Chronicle [1838]
Dolores Weinberg at outset; Lois Hauselman Other Voices
Dom Salemi Brutarian
Dominic Lawson The Spectator [1828]
Dominic LeFoe The Contemporary Review
Don Gennaro De Grazia F Magazine
Don Johnson Arete [1983]
Don McKay The Fiddlehead
Don Moore The Argosy [1882]
Don Turnbull Imagine
Don Ward Zane Grey's Western Magazine
Don Ward Dell Mystery Novels Magazine
Don Williams New Millennium Writings
Donald A. Wollheim Saturn
Donald A. Wollheim Out of this World Adventures
Donald A. Wollheim Stirring Science Stories
Donald A. Wollheim Cosmic Stories
Donald A. Wollheim Pioneer Western [1950]
Donald A. Wollheim 10 Story Fantasy
Donald A. Wollheim Sparkling Love (Stories)
Donald Anderson War, Literature & The Arts
Donald Bobin [Assistant Editor] Detective Weekly
Donald E. Westlake Mystery Digest
Donald G. Mitchell Hearth and Home [1868]
Donald J. Pfeil Vertex
Donald Kennicott (The) Blue Book (Magazine)
Donald L. Miller The Nightmare Express
Donald Macleod Good Words
Donn Piatt except for approx. Jun-1889 - Jun-1891 when Alvah Milton Kerr was editor Belford's Magazine [1888]
Dora Marsden The Egoist: An Individualist Review
Doreen Browne Woman's Outlook
Doris H. Dent Jack and Jill [1934]
Dorothy F. Grinnell Sweetheart Stories
Dorothy Hubbard Western Story Magazine
Dorothy M. Sutherland The Argosy [1926]
Dorothy McIlwraith Short Stories [1890]
Dorothy McIlwraith Weird Tales
Dorothy Sands Thrilling Love
Doug Stapleton Beyond Infinity
Douglas Alan Summers Stay; Brandon Sanderson The Leading Edge
Douglas Arthur Brown Pottersfield Portfolio
Douglas C. Kenney National Lampoon
Douglas Dold Miracle Science and Fantasy Stories
Douglas H. Cook Judge
Douglas Jerrold The English Review
Douglas Jerrold The Illuminated Magazine
Douglas M. Dold; Harry Bates The Danger Trail [1926]
Douglas Menville Forgotten Fantasy
Douglas Messerli & Howard Fox Sun & Moon
Douglas S. Hubery Youth [1970]
Douglas S. Kennedy True
Douglas Sharp Western Digest
Douglas W. F. Mayer Amateur Science Stories
Douglas Z. Doty The Century Magazine
Dr. Mavor Young Gentleman's and Lady's Magazine
Dr. Primrose Boys' Wonder Book
Dr. Reynolds Duffy's Fireside Magazine
Dr. William Drennan The Belfast Monthly Magazine
Draycot M. Dell Chums
Draycot M. Dell (1919 - 1921); F. Addington Symonds Young Britain
Duncan Norton-Taylor Flynn's (Weekly Detective)
Durbin L. Horner Screen Stories [US]
Durham Dunlop The Dublin University Magazine
Dutton Ferguson Opportunity: A Journal of Negro Life
Dwight Allyn 10 Story Book
Dwina Murphy-Gibb & Terence DuQuesne Celtic Dawn
E. C. Richards Complete Stories
E. C. Wray The 20 Story Magazine
E. Charles Vivian Hutchinson's Mystery-Story Magazine
E. Charles Vivian Hutchinson's Adventure-Story Magazine
E. Foster Cassell's Saturday Journal
E. Harcourt Burrage Ching-Ching's Own
E. Hornibrook Hutchinson's Story Magazine
E. Keble Chatterton The Lady's Realm
E. Kidgell The Australian Journal
E. M. Mallet (Mrs. Whyte) and Herbert Whyte The Lotus Journal
E. V. Knox Punch
E. Wentworth The Ladies' Repository
E.A. Mackenzie-Bell London Calling
E.C. Tubb Authentic Science Fiction
E.D. Price Time [1879]
E.H. Allen Child Education
E.H. Visiak Our Magazine
E.H. Woodman Sunset
E.J. Brett?; Howard H. Spicer Boys of the Empire [1888]
E.J. Gold Galaxy Science Fiction
E.L. Williams Four O'Clock
E.P. Walkiewicz Cimarron Review
E.S. Dallas Once a Week [1859]
E.V. Odle The Argosy [1926]
E.Z.C. Judson Ned Buntline's Own
Earl Staggs Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine
Ed Hicks Alabama Literary Review
Ed McFadden Pirate Writings
Ed Roberts Photo-Play Journal
Eddie Bissell Sherlock Holmes: The Detective Magazine
Eddie S. Linden Aquarius
Edgar Allan Poe Southern Literary Messenger
Edgar Lee Once a Week [1884]
Edgar Sisson World Man Hunters
Edgar Wallace Hush [1930]
Edgar Wallace @ The Sunday Journal
Edgell Rickword & others The Calendar of Modern Letters
Edith E. Cooper. Across the Seas. A missionary paper for young people
Edith Seims The Mysterious Wu Fang
Editor in 1925 was Henry Wysham Lanier. The Golden Book Magazine
editorial collective Calyx
editorial collective Women's Words
Edmund C. Richards Outdoor Stories
Edmund Collier Range Riders
Edmund Cooper Review Fifty
Edmund Richards Over the Top
Edmund Routledge Every Boy's Magazine (UK)
Edmund Stedman Putnam's Magazine
Edmund Yates Town Talk
Edmund Yates Tinsley's Magazine
Edmund Yates The World
Edmund Yates Temple Bar
Edmund Yates Time [1879]
Edna Woolman Chase Vogue
Edward A. Morton Our Boys [1883]
Edward Anthony Collier's Weekly
Edward Arnold Murray's Magazine
Edward Bok The Ladies' Home Journal
Edward Burney Roaring Western Stories
Edward Cave Gentleman's Magazine
Edward Everett Hale Old and New
Edward Frank Allen Lippincott's Magazine
Edward Grigg The National Review [1883]
Edward Holmes Everybody's Weekly
Edward Hulton Pals [1922]
Edward Hulton; P.M. Fitzgerald World Review
Edward Knight Amazing Journeys Magazine
Edward L. Burlingame Scribner's Magazine
Edward L. Ferman P.S.
Edward L. Ferman The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Edward Lane The Windmill
Edward Litt Blanchard to 14-Jan-1843, then G.W.M. Reynolds Chambers's London Journal
Edward Livingston Youmans Appleton's Journal
Edward McCrae Sky Fighters
Edward McFadden Cosmic Speculative Fiction
Edward Morphy Argonaut [1877]
Edward R. Home-Gall; Arthur Steffans Football Favourite
Edward Roffe Thompson John Bull [1906]
Edward Sanford Martin Life [1883]
Edward Stanwood The Youth's Companion [1827]
Edward Step Boys [1892]
Edward Stratemeyer Young Sports of America
Edward Stratemeyer Bright Days
Edward Stratemeyer & Arthur Dudley Good News
Edward Thornson The Ladies' Repository
Edward Toeman, David West, Gladys Keighley, H.F. Bradley Prospect [1943]
Edward Walford Gentleman's Magazine
Edward Walford The St James's Magazine
Edward Walford Once a Week [1859]
Edward Weeks The Atlantic Monthly
Edward Wilberforce The Idler [1856]
Edwin Baird Real Detective Tales (& Mystery)
Edwin Baird Weird Tales
Edwin Balmer The Red Book
Edwin J. Brett Our Boys' Journal
Edwin J. Brett Boys of England [1866]
Edwin J. Brett, Vane St. John Young Men of Great Britain
Edwin Oliver Atalanta
Edythe Seims Dr. Yen Sin
Edythe Seims Battle Aces
Eileen Garrett Tomorrow [1941]
Eileen Tighe Woman's Day
Ejler & Edith Jakobsson The Western Raider
Ejler Jacobsson Adventure [1910]
Ejler Jakobson Strange Detective Mysteries
Ejler Jakobssen Super Science Stories
Ejler Jakobsson Worlds of Fantasy [1968]
Ejler Jakobsson Galaxy Science Fiction
Ejler Jakobsson If
Ekow Eshun Arena [1986]
Elaine Sihera New Impact
Elana Lore Louis L'Amour Western Magazine
Elana Lore Crime Digest
Eleanor Sullivan Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
Elena Lappin The Jewish Quarterly
Eli Flam Potomac Review
Eliakim Littell Littell's Living Age
Elinor Mavor Fantastic [1952]
Elinor Mavor Amazing Stories
Eliot Paul transition
Eliza Haywood The Female Spectator
Eliza Leslie Arthur's Ladies' Magazine
Eliza Winstanley? The Guide [1868]
Elizabeth Baines & Ailsa Cox Metropolitan
Elizabeth Boswell Williams Minnesota Quarterly
Elizabeth Counihan Scheherazade
Elizabeth Jordan Harper's Bazar/Bazaar
Elizabeth Oliver The Rambler [2004]
Elizabeth Penrose (in 1943); Bonnie Fuller (1998 - May-2001); Cindi Leive Glamour (US)
Elizabeth Philips, Sean Virgo, Dianne Warren, J. Jill Robinson Grain
Elizabeth Wiggins Sherlock Holmes: The Detective Magazine
Ella Farman Pratt & Charles S. Pratt Wide Awake
Ellan McIlvaine Movie Adventures
Ellen Abdy-Williams Time [1879]
Ellen Datlow Omni
Ellery D. Preston Something Doing
Ellery Queen Mystery League
Ellery Queen [really Frederic Dannay] Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
Ellery Sedgwick The Atlantic Monthly
Ellery Sedgwick Littell's Living Age
Ellery Sedgwick Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly
Elliott Anderson & Jonathan Brent at outset; Reginald Gibbons (in 1998); Susan Hahn (in 2000 - 2002); Tri-Quarterly
Ellison Hawks (c. 1934); W.H. McCormick Meccano Magazine
Elmer Anderson Carter Opportunity: A Journal of Negro Life
Elsa McAlonan Woman's Own
Elsie H. Shand The Woman at Home
Elton Elliott Science Fiction Review
Emily Clark and others The Reviewer
Emily Faithfull The Victoria Magazine
Emma Hawkes & Gina Goddard Gynaezine
Emma Soames The Sunday Telegraph
Emma Tennant Bananas
Enid Blyton Sunny Stories
Erasmus Manford & Mrs. H. B. Manford Manford's Monthly Magazine
Eric Clark The Crisis
Eric Clement Scott The London Magazine [1898]
Eric Flint Baen's Universe
Eric Hale Galaxy [1938]
Eric Hanson Hanson's Symposium
Eric J. Bender St. Nicholas
Eric Lorberer Rain Taxi
Eric M. Heideman Tales of the Unanticipated
Eric Maschwitz Hutchinson's Story Magazine
Eric Partridge & Bertram Ratcliffe The Window
Eric Protter Mystery Monthly
Eric S. Brown Night Shopping
Eric Vinicoff Rigel Science Fiction
Erick Wujcik Amberzine
Erling Larsen Carleton Miscellany
Erman J. Ridgway Ridgway's
Ernest Belfort Bax Time [1879]
Ernest Blackwell Centennial Magazine
Ernest Foster Chums
Ernest Foster Little Folks (UK)
Ernest Goddard The Union Jack Library [1894]
Ernest H. Abbott The Outlook [1870]
Ernest H. Robinson Chums
Ernest Hine The American Weekly
Ernest J. Oldmeadow The Dome
Ernest Kay John o' London's Weekly
Ernest L. McKeag Boys' Wonder Library
Ernest L. McKeag Ruby Library
Ernest McKeag Schoolgirls' Own Library (New Series)
Ernest Remnant The English Review
Eugene A. Clancy Danger Trail [1933]
Eugene A. Clancy Submarine Stories
Eugene A. Clancy War Novels
Eugene A. Clancy Eagles of the Air
Eugene A. Clancy War Stories [1926]
Eugene A. Clancy; Carson Mowre War Birds
Eugene A. Clancy; G.B. Farnum Masked Rider Western Magazine
Eugene Clancy People's Magazine
Eugene Jolas transition
Eva Windisch Tirra Lirra
Evan Lee Heyman Mystery Tales [1958]
Eveleigh Nash The Literary Post
Eveleigh Nash Nash's Weekly
Evelyn Hornibrook Best-Story Magazine
Everett Ortner Top Detective Annual
Ezekiel Mphahlele; Ulli Beier Black Orpheus
F. Addington Symonds Rocket
F. Addington Symonds Champion
F. Addington Symonds Pluck [1894]
F. Carruthers Gould Picture Politics
F. Hadyn Dimmock The Scout
F. Hadyn Dimmock [Assistant Editor] The Scout
F. J. Harvey Darton Chatterbox
F. Knowles Campling Little Folks (UK)
F. Knowles Campling Chums
F. Orlin Tremaine Clues
F. Orlin Tremaine Comet (US)
F. Orlin Tremaine Western Winners
F. Orlin Tremaine Top-Notch Magazine
F. Orlin Tremaine St. Nicholas
F. Orlin Tremaine Cowboy Stories
F. Orlin Tremaine Dynamic Adventures
F. Orlin Tremaine The Metropolitan Magazine [1895]
F. Orlin Tremaine Air Trails [1928]
F. Orlin Tremaine Astounding Stories/Science-Fiction
F. Ortmans Cosmopolis
F. W. Robinson Home Chimes
F.C. Ellert The Massachusetts Review
F.E. Bailey The Royal Magazine
F.E. Holman & E.B. Terhune The Bohemian [1900]
F.F. Browne The Lakeside Monthly
F.G. Cordwell The Firefly
F.G. Cordwell; Philip Davis Bullseye [1931]
F.G. Cordwell; Philip Davis Surprise
F.M. Osborne Black Mask [1920]
F.T. Stephenson Four O'Clock
F.W.N. Bayley, W.J. Stewart & Charles Mackay The Illustrated London News
Faith Clare-Joynt Black Cat Mystery Magazine/Quarterly
Faith Garrett Vosbrinck Calling All Girls
Fanny Ellsworth Ranch Romances
Fanny Ellsworth Black Mask [1920]
Farnsworth Wright Oriental Stories
Farnsworth Wright Weird Tales
Father Matthew Russell The Irish Monthly
Ferdinand C. Ewers The Pioneer [1854]
Ferdinand Mount The Times Literary Supplement
fiction editor, Bill McElroy in 1932 Empire News
Fiona Gibson More!
Flora Klickmann Woman's Magazine (UK)
Flora Klickmann Girl's Own Paper
Flora Klickmann Everybody's Story Magazine
Florence J. Schetty True Confessions
Florence Jackman The Overland Monthly
Florence Lindemann The American Hebrew
Florence Marryat London Society
Floyd Kemske Galaxy Science Fiction
Foghorn Clancy Rodeo Romances
Ford Madox Ford The Transatlantic Review [1924]
Ford Madox Ford The English Review
Forrest Fusco, Jr. Stardust SF
Forrest J Ackerman Perry Rhodan
Forrest Pritchard The William and Mary Review
founding editor DeWitt Henry; originally edited by a committee but now has guest editors Ploughshares
Frances Aitken Children's Friend
Frances Margaret Taylor The Month
Frances Mazo Lights Up
Frances Ullmann Calling All Girls
Francine Ringold Nimrod
Francis Aitken Infants Magazine
Francis Barham & Abraham Heraud The Monthly Magazine
Francis Barry Boyle St Leger The Album
Francis Burnand Punch
Francis Fisher Browne The Dial
Francis Mahoney & John Mortimer Ainsworth's Magazine
Francis Mahony Fraser's Magazine
Francis P. Elliott Home Magazine [1888]
Francis R. Bellamy Fiction Parade
Francis R. Bellamy The Outlook [1870]
Francis Smith The New York Weekly
Francis T. Laney The Acolyte
Francis Walton The Outlook [1870]
Francis Ward The Red Magazine
Francis X. Lewis Manhunt
Frank A. Munsey The Argosy [1882]
Frank A. Selah The National Sunday Magazine
Frank Anderson Young Folks' Tales (New Series)
Frank Armer Super-Detective Stories
Frank Belknap Long Short Stories [1890]
Frank Blackwell Western Adventures [1940]
Frank Blackwell Western Story Magazine
Frank Blackwell The Shadow
Frank Clune Frank Clune's Adventure Magazine
Frank Coombes (c. 1920); Arthur Steffans; Maurice Creswick All Sports
Frank Crowninshield Vanity Fair (US)
Frank DuBlois Playboy
Frank E. Blackwell Best Detective Magazine
Frank E. Blackwell Detective Story Magazine [1915]
Frank Foxcroft Littell's Living Age
Frank G. Wells The Clack Book
Frank Gannon Habersham Review
Frank H. Alfriend Southern Literary Messenger
Frank Harris The Saturday Review
Frank Harris Vanity Fair (US)
Frank Harris The Fortnightly Review
Frank Harris Jewish Telegraph
Frank Harris Pearson's Magazine (US)
Frank Johnson The Spectator [1828]
Frank Kermode Encounter
Frank Lazenby Eve's Own
Frank Lee Benedict Peterson's Magazine
Frank Leslie Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly
Frank Leslie Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
Frank Leslie, 1857 - 1863; Miriam Squier, 1863 - 1882. Frank Leslie's New Family Magazine
Frank Lewandowski Doc Savage Club Reader
Frank M. Robinson Cavalier [1952]
Frank M. Robinson Rogue
Frank M. Robinson Rogue
Frank Pixley Argonaut [1877]
Frank R. Stockton Hearth and Home [1868]
Frank Rasky Liberty (Canada)
Frank S. Greenop Man Junior
Frank S. Greenop Man Senior
Frank Smedley Sharpe's London Magazine
Frank Smedley Sharpe's London Magazine
Fred Beauford The Crisis
Fred Birmingham Cavalier [1952]
Fred Burwell Acorn Whistle
Fred Burwell Beloit Fiction Journal
Fred Cogswell The Fiddlehead
Fred Cook Bronze Shadows
Fred Knight The Saint Detective Magazine (Australia)
Fred Schepartz Mobius
Fred Woodworth The Match!
Frederic M. Bird Lippincott's Magazine
Frederic Shoberl The New Monthly Magazine
Frederick A. Atkins The New Age
Frederick A. Birmingham (The) Blue Book (Magazine)
Frederick A. Raborg, Jr. Amelia
Frederick Barthelme Mississippi Review
Frederick Clayton The Argosy [1882]
Frederick Gardener Conflict [1933]
Frederick Gardener Complete Novel Magazine
Frederick Gleason The Flag of Our Union
Frederick K. Adams [Assistant Editor] Gem Library (New Series)
Frederick Lewis Allen Harper's New Monthly Magazine
Frederick Marriott The Overland Monthly
Frederick Marriott The Overland Monthly
Frederick Marriott The Overland Monthly
Frederick Marryat The Metropolitan Magazine [1831]
Frederick Smock The American Voice
Frederick Somers Current Literature
Frederick Somers The Californian [1880]
Frederick Tilney Tip-Top Weekly
Frederik Pohl Galaxy Science Fiction
Frederik Pohl International Science Fiction
Frederik Pohl Super Science Stories
Frederik Pohl If
Frederik Pohl Star Science Fiction
Frederik Pohl Astonishing Stories
Freeman Champney The Writer's Forum [1940s]
Fulton Oursler Liberty (Canada)
Fulton Oursler Liberty [1924]
G. Cecil Graveley The Boys' Realm
G. Cecil Graveley [Assistant Editor] The Ranger [1931]
G. Cecil Graveley [Assistant Editor] Nelson Lee Library (1st New Series)
G. Durant Haire Darkness Within
G. E. Ellis Seasons
G. Grey Fact Detective Stories
G. H. Lewes The Leader
G. Heath Robinson; F. Knowles Campling; Gwyn Evans Toby
G.A. Henty The Union Jack
G.A. Henty Boy's Own Magazine. An illustrated journal of Fact, Fiction, History and Adventure
G.A. Walstab The Australian Journal
G.B. Farnum Triple Western
G.B. Farnum Range Riders
G.B. Farnum The Rio Kid Western
G.B. Farnum at start Texas Rangers
G.R. Bay Mind Magic
G.R. Samways [Assistant Editor] Magnet Library
G.R. Samways [Assistant Editor] Gem Library (New Series)
G.R. Samways [Assistant Editor] Gem Library (New Series)
G.R. Samways [Assistant Editor] Magnet Library
G.W. James Christian Novels
G.W. Nickisson Fraser's Magazine
G.W. Peck American Whig Review
G.W. Post All-American Fiction
G.W.M. Reynolds Reynolds's Miscellany
G.W.M. Reynolds The London Journal
G.W.M. Reynolds; Charles Shurey Bow Bells [1862]
Gamaliel Bailey The National Era
Gardner Dozois Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine
Gardner Hunting People's Magazine
Garland Thompson The Crisis
Garrik Roen The Argosy [1882]
Garry J. Nurrish Redsine
Gary Fry Fusing Horizons
Gary Groth Prime Cuts
Gary Lovisi Detective Story Magazine [1988]
Gary Parkinson, Finella Davenport & Bill Jones Multi-Storey
Gavin J. Grant Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet
Gelett Burgess The Lark
Geoffrey Grigson The Mint
Geoffrey Hancock & Rob Payne Canadian Fiction Magazine
Geoffrey Richard Pocklington The Boy's Own Paper
George A. Hutchison Everyboy's Monthly
George A. Hutchison The Boy's Own Paper
George A. Plimpton (in 2002); Brigid Hughes The Paris Review
George A. Rogers Woman's Own
George A. Sala, R. Brough, W. F. Ainsworth The Welcome Guest
George Andrew Hutchison The Boy's Own Paper
George Augustus Sala Temple Bar
George Bentley Temple Bar
George Bentley Bentley's Miscellany
George Brosi Appalachian Heritage
George C. Dusart The Black Cat (UK)
George Cary Eggleston American Homes
George Clarke The Sunday Strand
George Core Sewanee Review
George Dilnot The Detective Magazine
George Douglas Blackwood Blackwood's (Edinburgh) Magazine
George Edward Biber John Bull [1820]
George Emmett British Boys [1883]
George Emmett The Belles of England
George Emmett Boys' Own Journal [1883]
George Emmett Sons of Old England [1883]
George Emmmett Young Englishman (New Series)
George F. Chipman (in 1930); P.M. Abel & R.D. Colquette The Country Guide
George F. Thompson St. Nicholas
George Fox Men
George Frederick Pardon The Boys' Herald [1877]
George Frederick Pardon; Thomas Frost The Gentleman's Journal
George Goodwin The Adelphi (1923)
George Gregory The Monthly Magazine
George Grove Macmillan's Magazine
George H. Clarke Sewanee Review
George H. Colton American Review [1845]
George H. Colton American Whig Review
George H. Perris Chapman's Magazine of Fiction
George H. Scithers Asimov's SF Adventure Magazine
George H. Scithers Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine
George H. Williams Uncle Sam
George Harvey Harper's Weekly
George Henderson The Black Cat [1970]
George Henry Lewes The Fortnightly Review
George Horace Lorimer The Saturday Evening Post
George J. Houtain & E. Dorothy MacLoughlin Home Brew
George J.H. Northcroft The Boy's Own Paper
George Jean Nathan & H. L. Mencken The Smart Set
George Lanning & Ellington White The Kenyon Review
George Macdonald Good Things for the Young of All Ages
George Macdonald Good Words for the Young
George Manville Fenn Cassell's Magazine
George Manville Fenn Once a Week [1859]
George N. Sanders Democratic Review
George P. Gooch The Contemporary Review
George Phillies Eldritch Science
George Pickering Burnham The American Union
George Pope Morris The Home Journal [1846]
George R. Graham Graham's Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine
George R. Graham Graham's Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine
George R. Graham Graham's Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine
George R. Graham Burton's Gentleman's Magazine
George R. Graham & Rufus W. Griswold Graham's Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine
George R. Graham, Charles J. Peterson & Edgar Allan Poe Graham's Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine
George R. Graham, Charles J. Peterson, Edgar Allan Poe, Mrs. Emma C. Embury, Mrs. Ann S. Stephens & Rufus W. Griswold Graham's Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine
George R. Graham, Robert T. Conrad, J.R. Chandler & J.B. Taylor Graham's Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine
George R. Halkett The Pall Mall Magazine
George Scithers Amazing Stories
George Scott Truth
George T. Delacorte, Jr. The Famous Story Magazine (UK)
George T. Delacorte, Jr. The Famous Story Magazine
George T. Delacorte, Jr. & David Arnold Balch The Famous Story Magazine (UK)
George Townsend Dream Magazine
George Troup Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
George W. Bagby Southern Literary Messenger
George W. Blackwood Blackwood's (Edinburgh) Magazine
George W. Curtis Harper's Weekly
George W. Peck American Review [1845]
George W. Petter Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper
George W. Post The Argosy [1882]
George W. Sutton, Jr. Black Mask [1920]
George Weatherly; Alfred Harmsworth The Boys' Newspaper
George William Young Reveille
George Woodcock Now
George Wyndham The New Review [1889]
Gerald Dawe Krino
Gerald Duffy Picture Play Weekly
Gerald Fleming Barnabe Mountain Review
Gerald G. Swan Occult (Shorts)
Gerald G. Swan Yankee Shorts
Gerald G. Swan Yankee Romance Album
Gerald G. Swan Weird Story Magazine
Gerald G. Swan Swan American Magazine
Gerald G. Swan Science Fiction Library [1960]
Gerald G. Swan Weird and Occult Library
Gerald Page Spicy Armadillo Stories
Gerald Page Blazing Armadillo Stories
Gerald Swan Gang Shorts
Gerald Swan Space Fact and Fiction
Gerald W. Page Coven 13
Geraldine Rhoads Life Story Magazine
Gerard Conway The Haunt of Horror
Gerry Canavan, Tom Christopher, Don Ezra Cruz, Patrick Egan & Jaimee Hills Backwards City Review
Gertrude Battles Lane Woman's Home Companion
Gertrude Mayer Temple Bar
Gil Lamont & Gordon Garb Weird Tales
Gil Paust Adventure [1910]
Gilbert Floyd The Boys' Realm
Gilbert Frankau Britannia [1928]
Gilbert M. & Luther Tucker, Jr. The Country Gentleman
Gilbert Patten Tip-Top Weekly
Gillian Clarke The Anglo-Welsh Review
Gilly Sinclair Woman's Weekly
Gilman Hall Ainslee's Magazine
Gilson Willets Romance [1891]
Gladys M. Spratt Girl's Own Paper
Glenn Frank The Century Magazine
Gloria Grey Tattle Tales
Gloria M. Wong Nylon
Goldwin Smith to 1875 Canadian Monthly and National Review
Gordon Godfrey The Contemporary Review
Gordon Landsborough Authentic Science Fiction
Gordon Linzner; Tom Piccirilli Space and Time
Gordon Lish The Quarterly
Gordon van Gelder The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Gordon Weaver Cimarron Review
Graeme Hall Everywoman('s)
Graeme Hurry Kimota
Graham & Child The Academy
Graham Evans The Edge [1989]
Graham Jennings Hidden Corners
Graham Lord Raconteur
Grant Thiessen Science Fiction Collector
Graydon Carter Vanity Fair (US)
Greg F. Gifune Burning Sky
Greg F. Gifune Edge, Tales of Suspense
Gregory Hischak Farm Pulp
Gregory Smith Atom Mind
Gregory Wolfe Image [1989]
Gretta Anderson 2AM
Greville John Poke Everybody's Weekly
Guido Bruno Greenwich Village
Guido Bruno Bruno's Weekly
Gwyn Evans Champion
H. A. McComas Ace-High Novels
H. C. Bunner Puck [1877]
H. Clinton Our Young Folks Weekly Budget
H. Crichton Miln [Assistant Editor] Girls' Friend
H. Darkin Williams Little Folks (UK)
H. J. Gillespie The Smart Set (UK)
H. L. Mencken The American Mercury
H. L. Mencken & George Jean Nathan The American Mercury
H. MacVichie Sweetheart Stories
H. Major Our Own
H. N. Swanson College Humor
H. Napier Moore Maclean's Magazine
H. Norman Evans Mystery Stories (UK) [195?]
H. Norman Evans Master Thriller
H. Norman Evans Ghosts and Goblins
H. Norman Evans Mystery Stories [193?]
H. Walter Stephenson The Red Letter (US)
H.A. Keller Fighting Romances From the West and East
H.A. McComas Jungle Stories [1931]
H.A. McComas Ace-High (Western) (Stories) Magazine
H.D. Traill to 1900 Literature
H.E. Maule Mystery Novels Magazine Quarterly
H.F. Montgomery The Delineator
H.J. Byron Mirth: A Miscellany of Wit and Humour
H.J. Campbell Authentic Science Fiction
H.J. Smith and others Four O'Clock
H.L. Williams Uncle Sam
H.R. Haweis Cassell's Magazine
H.S. Goldsmith; Herb F. Powell from Jun-1937 Flying Aces
H.T. Cauldwell [briefly] Nelson Lee Library (1st New Series)
H.V. Reed The Lakeside Monthly
H.W. Herbert American Monthly Magazine [1833]
H.W. Leggett The Grand Magazine
H.W. Twyman Detective Weekly
H.W. Twyman The Union Jack Library [1894]
H.W. Twyman; John W. Wheway Nugget Weekly
H.W. Twyman; John W. Wheway Detective Library [1919]
Had editorial board plus guest celebrity editors for certain issues. Managing editor was Ralph Rockafellow in 1930/1931 and Mary Letha Elting in 1933. The Golden Book Magazine
Hadyn Dimmock [Editor-in-Chief] Scoops
Hamilton Edwards The Boys' Realm
Hamilton Edwards Boys' Herald [1903]
Hamilton Edwards [Editor in Chief] Pluck [1894]
Hamilton Edwards [later editor-in-chief] The Marvel
Hamilton Edwards [latterly editor-in-chief] Girls' Friend
Hamilton Edwards [latterly editor-in-chief] The Boys' Friend [1895]
Hamilton Holt The Independent
Hamish Miles Life and Letters
Hank Margolies Blimey
Hank Stine Galaxy Science Fiction
Hannaford Bennett The English Illustrated Magazine
Hannah Tinti One Story
Hans Stefan Santesson Fantastic Universe
Harford Powel, Jr. The Youth's Companion [1827]
Harford Powell Harper's Bazar/Bazaar
Harold A. Loeb & Alfred Kreymborg (Nov-1921 - Feb-1922); Slater Brown; Matthew Josephson; Malcolm Cowley Broom
Harold Bloomfield Adventure [1910]
Harold Bowler Ideas
Harold DeWolf Fuller The Independent
Harold E. Bessom The Black Cat (US)
Harold G. Merriam The Frontier [1920]
Harold Goldsmith, Harry Widmer, Maurice J. Phillips, Donald A. Wollheim The Dragnet Magazine
Harold Hayes Esquire
Harold Hersey Gangland Stories
Harold Hersey Strange Suicides
Harold Hersey Golden West (Magazine) [1927]
Harold Hersey Gangster Stories
Harold Hersey Murder Mysteries [1929]
Harold Hersey Clues
Harold Hersey Headquarters Stories
Harold Hersey The Thrill Book
Harold Hersey Zoom
Harold Hersey Ace-High (Western) (Stories) Magazine
Harold Hersey, probably with Douglas Dold Aviation Stories
Harold Hersey? Telling Tales
Harold J. Garrish Pluck [1894]
Harold Jaffe & Larry McCaffery Fiction International
Harold May Nelson Lee Library (1st New Series)
Harold May The Monster Library of Complete Stories
Harold May Nelson Lee Library (Original Series)
Harold Ross American Legion Magazine
Harold Snoad Woman's Journal
Harold Tremayne Chapman's Magazine of Fiction
Harold W. Snoad Woman's Pictorial
Harold W. Snoad The Argosy [1926]
Harold Wallace Ross The New Yorker
Harr Wagner The Golden Era
Harriet Beecher Stowe Hearth and Home [1868]
Harriet Weaver The Egoist: An Individualist Review
Harris Merton Lyon Hampton's Magazine
Harrison S. Morris Lippincott's Magazine
Harrison Watson My Weekly
Harry A. Keller Spy Stories
Harry A. Thompson The Country Gentleman
Harry Bates Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror
Harry Bates Soldiers of Fortune
Harry Bates Astounding Stories/Science-Fiction
Harry Bull The Home Journal [1846]
Harry E. Maule Short Stories [1890]
Harry E. Maule Short Stories [1890]
Harry Golding The Windsor Magazine
Harry H. Ransom Texas Quarterly
Harry Harrison Fantastic [1952]
Harry Harrison Amazing Stories
Harry Harrison & Keith Roberts Science Fantasy [1950]
Harry Hazel The Yankee Privateer
Harry Leon Wilson Puck [1877]
Harry Payne Burton The Cosmopolitan
Harry Payne Burton McCall's Magazine
Harry Peyton Steger Short Stories [1890]
Harry Quilter The Universal Review
Harry Schriner Thriller [1962]
Harry Shurey Sketchy Bits
Harry Smith Pulpsmith
Harry Steeger Detective Action Stories
Harry Stephen Keeler 10 Story Book
Harry Stephen Keeler The Live Wire
Harry Widmer A. Merritt's Fantasy Magazine
Harry Widmer Justice
Harry Widmer Eerie Stories
Harry Widmer 3-Book Western
Harry Widmer Eerie Mysteries
Harry Widmer Captain Zero
Harry Widmer Spy Novels Magazine
Harry Widmer Ace Mystery
Harry Widmer Sure-Fire Detective Magazine
Hartley Aspden Horner's Penny Stories
Hartley Aspden Horner's Weekly
Hartley Aspden Sunday Stories
Harvey Burns Black Book Detective Magazine
Harvey Burns Detective Novel(s) Magazine
Harvey Burns to Summer 1951; David X. Manners Fall 1951 - Fall 1952; Morris Ogden Jones from Winter 1953 5 Detective Novels
Harvey Kurtzman Help!
Haulenbeek Godey's Lady's Book
Hazlett Kessler Detective Story Magazine [1915]
Hazlett Kessler Complete Stories
Hazlett Kessler Clues
Heath Joyce & J.M. Bulloch The Graphic
Heather Shaw & Tim Pratt Flytrap
Hedley O'Mant Wild West Weekly (UK)
Hedley O'Mant The Ranger [1931]
Hedley O'Mant [Assistant Editor] Magnet Library
Hedley O'Mant; G. Cecil Graveley (Assistant Editor); Clifford Gates Pilot
Helen (Sandy) Saunders The Ladder
Helen Archdale Time and Tide
Helen Gurley Brown The Cosmopolitan
Helen Mathers The Burlington Magazine
Helen Peppe Wordplay
Helen Taylor The Lady's World [1898]
Helen Tono Ranch Romances
Helen Tono Treasury of Great Western Stories
Helen Tono #1-#4; Anne Keffer #5 Science Fiction Yearbook
Helene Hodge Active Life
Henneberger & Kline Weird Tales
Henry Alden The Tanager
Henry Alford The Contemporary Review
Henry Anderson Lafler The Blue Mule
Henry Austin Adams Donahoe's
Henry B. Sell Harper's Bazar/Bazaar
Henry B. Sell The Home Journal [1846]
Henry C. Bowen The Independent
Henry Clayton Hopkins Dixie; a monthly magazine
Henry Draper Hunt The Red Letter (US)
Henry DuPre Labouchere Truth
Henry Harland The Yellow Book [1894]
Henry Harrison Lewis The Popular Magazine
Henry Hazlitt The American Mercury
Henry Hughes Sycamore Review
Henry J. Byron Fun
Henry J. Raymond Harper's New Monthly Magazine
Henry Jaffe Fiction International
Henry James Coleridge The Month
Henry L. Blaidell 10 Story Book
Henry Lee Moon The Crisis
Henry Loomis Nelson Harper's Weekly
Henry Marcus Real Smart
Henry Marcus Nifty Stories
Henry McComas Flynn's (Weekly Detective)
Henry Mills Alden Harper's New Monthly Magazine
Henry N. Beard National Lampoon
Henry Newbolt The Monthly Review [1900]
Henry Peterson The Saturday Evening Post
Henry Potter; Henry St. John Cooper Pleasure (UK)
Henry S. King The Saint Paul's
Henry Sampson Fun
Henry Savage The Academy
Henry Sperry Detective Tales [1935]
Henry Sperry Dime Mystery Magazine
Henry Steeger Knockout Magazine
Henry Steeger Dime Sport(s) Magazine
Henry Steeger Sports Novels Magazine
Henry Steeger The Argosy [1882]
Henry Studdart Lippincott's Magazine
Henry T. Johnson The Vanguard Library
Henry T. Schnittkind The Stratford Magazine
Henry Treat Sperry Ace G-Man Stories
Henry Ward Beecher The Outlook [1870]
Henry Ward Beecher The Independent
Henry William Massingham The Nation [1900]
Henry Williamson The Adelphi (1923)
Henry Wilton Thomas Top-Notch Magazine
Herb Lehrman Science Fiction Classics [1967]
Herbert A. Court Our Boys' and Girls' Weekly [1935]
Herbert A. Hinton Dreadnought
Herbert A. Hinton Magnet Library
Herbert A. Hinton Magnet Library
Herbert A. Hinton Gem Library (New Series)
Herbert A. Hinton Gem Library (New Series)
Herbert A. Hinton The Boys' Friend [1895]
Herbert A. Hinton School and Sport
Herbert A. Hinton The Boys' Friend [1895]
Herbert A. Hinton [Assistant Editor] Magnet Library
Herbert A. Hinton [Assistant Editor] Gem Library (New Series)
Herbert Bashford The Overland Monthly
Herbert Clarke The Rosebud [1902]
Herbert Croly The New Republic
Herbert D. Williams Girls' Realm
Herbert Dakin Williams The Quiver
Herbert Greenhough Smith The Strand Magazine [1891]
Herbert Hinton The Magnet
Herbert Hinton The Gem
Herbert Hinton The Gem
Herbert Hinton The Magnet
Herbert Mayes The Pictorial Review
Herbert R. Mayes Good Housekeeping (US)
Herbert Shaw The Happy Mag.
Herbert Stuart Stone The Chap-Book
Herbert Wentworth James Big Budget
Herbert Wigram Time [1879]
Herbert Williams Avon Western Reader
Herbert Williams Avon Detective Mysteries
Herman D. Umbstaetter The Black Cat (US)
Hewitt H. Howland The Century Magazine
Hilaire Belloc Land and Water
Hilary Jordan Mayfair [1946]
Hilda Raz Prairie Schooner
Hilda Wright True Love and Romance
Hiram M. Greene The Illustrated Sunday Magazine
Hodgkinson, Tom The Idler [2000]
Holbrook Jackson T.P.'s Weekly
Holbrook Jackson To-Day [1916]
Honore Willsie Morrow The Delineator
Horace E. Scudder Riverside Magazine for Young People
Horace E. Scudder The Atlantic Monthly
Horace L. Gold Beyond Fantasy Fiction
Horace L. Gold If
Horace L. Gold Galaxy Science Fiction
Horace L. Lawson Wolverine
Horace Phillips The Scout
Horace Phillips Pluck [1894]
Horace Phillips The Boys' Journal [1913]
Horace Phillips Boys' Herald [1903]
Horace St. Clair Voules Truth
Horatio Bottomley John Bull [1906]
Horatio Winslow The Masses
Howard Booth True Weird (Stories)
Howard Browne Amazing
Howard Browne The Seven Seas
Howard Browne Tales of the Sea [1953]
Howard Browne Fantastic [1952]
Howard Browne Fantastic Adventures
Howard Browne Mammoth Detective
Howard Browne Conflict-Stories of Suspense
Howard Browne Amazing Stories
Howard D. Wheeler Everybody's Magazine
Howard Hopkins Golden Perils
Howard J. Lewis The Argosy [1882]
Howard Junker ZYZZYVA, The Last Word
Howard V. Bloomfield Flynn's (Weekly Detective)
Hugh Ingram The Illustrated London News
Hugh Kay The Month
Hugh Layne Man's Day
Hugh Luke Prairie Schooner
Hugh Pilcher Zoo: The National Nature Magazine
Hugh Tuite The Boys' Friend [1895]
Hugh Walpole and Henry W. Lanier Golden Book Magazine (UK)
Hugh Weir The Illustrated Detective Magazine
Hugo Gernsback Amazing Stories Annual
Hugo Gernsback Amazing Stories
Hugo Gernsback Exploration Tales
Hugo Gernsback Amazing Stories Quarterly [1928]
Hugo Gernsback to Mar-1929 then Arthur H. Lynch The Electrical Experimenter
Hugo Gernsback with David Lasser Scientific Detective Monthly
Hugo Gernsback with Hector Grey Scientific Detective Monthly
Hugo Tyerman Children's Newspaper
Hunter Kennedy The Minus Times
Hy Stierman Man's Magazine
Hyman Bradofsky The Californian [1933]
I. Evren Epicurean
Iain Hamilton The Spectator [1828]
Ian Britain Meanjin
Ian Colford Pottersfield Portfolio
Ian Drew Scoop (Third Series)
Ian Hamilton The New Review [1974]
Ian Hargreaves The New Statesman
Ian Jack Granta [1979]
Ian Livingstone White Dwarf
Ian Livingstone & Steve Jackson Warlock: The Fighting Fantasy Magazine
Ian Lyon Time and Tide
Ian Marsh White Dwarf
Ian Randal Strock Artemis
Ian Redman Jupiter
Ian Redman Zest [1997]
initially Arnold Gingrich? Gentlemen's Quarterly
Iris Burton (in 2001); June Smith-Sheppard Chat
Irving Bacheller (to Jun-1898), then Abbott Frederic. Pocket Magazine [1895]
Irwin Hirsh Andrew Brown (in 1981); LynC (in 1989/1990); Alan Stewart Thyme
Isa Craig The Argosy [1865]
Isaac Butt The Dublin University Magazine
Isaac M. Gregory Judge
Isaac Mitchell Political Barometer
Isaac Thomas Hecker The Catholic World
Isaac Wiley The Ladies' Repository
Isabel Thorne Yes or No (subtitled The Saturday Magazine)
Isabel Thorne The Weekly Tale-Teller
Isabel Thorne [at least] Smart Novels
Isobel Thorne Complete Novel (UK)
Isobel Thorne Home Notes
Isobel Thorne Romance [1934]
Israel Zangwill Ariel
J. Albert Mallory New Stories (US)
J. Berg Esenwein Lippincott's Magazine
J. Bird Lippincott's Magazine
J. Bolton Dimmock [Assistant Editor] The Scout
J. Butler Polly's Paper
J. Clyde Marquis The Country Gentleman
J. Comyns Carr Art & Letters
J. Erskine Clarke Chatterbox
J. Erskine Tuck Sunday Companion
J. G. Edgar Every Boy's Magazine (UK)
J. G. Lockhart The Quarterly Review
J. Grosvenor The Trident
J. Harrison Jones Godey's Lady's Book
J. Harwood Panting Our Young Folks Weekly Budget
J. K. Bangs Munsey's Magazine
J. Lobb The Daisy
J. Macnamara Scholar's Own
J. Nichols Gentleman's Magazine
J. Oliver The Tatler [1901]
J. Rudolph Abate The Free Press
J. S. Buckingham The Athenaeum
J. Semler The Man
J. Semler (in 1954); Damien Broderick Man
J. Sheridan Le Fanu The Dublin University Magazine
J. T. Knowles Nineteenth Century
J. Timothy Holland The Crescent Review
J. Vernon Mackenzie Maclean's Magazine
J.A. Froude Fraser's Magazine
J.A. Hammerton The London Magazine [1898]
J.A. Wales Judge
J.B. Kelly Aces
J.B. Kelly Wings
J.B. Kelly Air Stories [1927]
J.B. Nichols Gentleman's Magazine
J.C Godfrey Pleasure (US) [1937]
J.C. Hilder Harper's Bazar/Bazaar
J.C. Squire The London Mercury
J.C.H. Rigby Far Point
J.D. Whelpley American Whig Review
J.F. Byrne Black Aces
J.F. Gonzalez Phantasm
J.G. Nichols Gentleman's Magazine
J.G. Wofensberger Verb
J.H. Davis The Mixture
J.H. Pym Pluck [1894]
J.H. Pym The Union Jack Library [1894]
J.J. Shillinglaw Australian Monthly Magazine
J.P. Reed Arthur's Home Magazine
J.R. Abarbanell Family Story Paper [1873]
J.R. Thompson Southern Literary Messenger
J.S. Folds The Dublin Penny Journal
J.S. Williams Thrilling Adventures
J.T. Buckingham New England Magazine [1831]
J.T. Knowles The Contemporary Review
J.W. Comyns Carr The English Illustrated Magazine
J.W. Kelly Detective Book Magazine
J.W. Ross The London Journal
J.Y. McPeake (1922-1924), Alice Maud Head (assistant from 1922; general manager 1924-???); Miss K. Smallshaw; currently Pat Roberts Cairns; fiction editor Hilary Robinson Good Housekeeping (UK)
Jack Byrne The Argosy [1882]
Jack Byrne True Adventures
Jack Conroy The Anvil Stories For Workers
Jack Cox The Boy's Own Paper
Jack Dinsmore Funny Stories
Jack Fisher Flesh & Blood
Jack Fritscher Drummer
Jack Hargreaves Lilliput
Jack Hunt Detective Weekly
Jack Hunt Miracle Library
Jack Hunt [Assistant Editor] The Union Jack Library [1894]
Jack Hunt; William Lewis Allen The Miracle
Jack Kessie Playboy
Jack Lindsay and P.R. Stephensen The London Aphrodite
Jack Matcha Don Pendleton's The Executioner Mystery Magazine
Jack Matcha (first 2 issues); Robert A.W. Lowndes, final issue Chase
Jack Morpurgo Penguin Parade
Jack O'Sullivan The Frontier [1924]
Jack O'Sullivan Planet Stories
Jack O'Sullivan Detective Book Magazine
Jack O'Sullivan Tops in Science Fiction
Jack O'Sullivan Indian Stories
Jack Phillips The Gang Magazine
Jack Phillips? Greater Western Magazine
Jack Shuttleworth Judge
Jack Shuttleworth Judge
Jack Smith & Ken Reger (in 2000); Jack Smith & Joe Benevento The Green Hills Literary Lantern
Jack Trevor Story John Bull [1906]
Jack Wintz St. Anthony Messenger
Jack Zucker The Bridge
Jackie Highe (in 1998); Jayne Marsden Bella
Jackie Lewis Espionage
Jackson Ellis Verbicide Magazine
Jacob Abarbanell & William C. Dunn Golden Hours [1888]
Jaime Robles Five Fingers Review
Jake Thornton White Dwarf
James A. Moore Concho River Review
James B. Hendryx Triple Detective
James B. Hendryx, Jr. Treasury of Great Science Fiction Stories
James B. Hendryx, Jr. The Rio Kid Western
James B. Marshall & William D. Gallagher The Western Monthly Magazine (1830)
James B. O'Connell Cavalier [1952]
James Baen New Destinies
James Baen If
James Baen Far Frontiers
James Baen Galaxy Science Fiction
James Baen Destinies
James Bishop The Illustrated London News
James Blish Vanguard Science Fiction
James Cleghorn & Thomas Pringle Blackwood's (Edinburgh) Magazine
James D. Whelpley American Review [1845]
James E. Heath Southern Literary Messenger
James E. McGirt McGirt's Magazine
James F. Waller The Dublin University Magazine
James F. Waller The Dublin University Magazine
James Felton Script
James Gage Appalachian Heritage
James Grant The Metropolitan Magazine [1831]
James Grant The Saint Detective Magazine (Australia)
James Grant The Saint Detective Magazine (UK)
James Grant The Monthly Magazine
James H. Blackwood Blackwood's (Edinburgh) Magazine
James H. Bridge The Overland Monthly
James H. Wood Inspector Malone's Mystery Magazine
James Hall The Western Monthly Magazine (1830)
James Hazen Interim
James Henderson Our Young Folks Weekly Budget
James Higgins Detective Weekly
James Holmes & Jack ? Wildcat
James Ivey The Crisis
James Johnson Sweeney transition
James M. Rymer Lloyds Monthly Volume of Amusing and Instructive Literature
James Macaulay The Boy's Own Paper
James Macauley The Leisure Hour
James Malcolm Rymer Lloyd's Penny Weekly Miscellany
James Manning Ad Astra
James McKinley New Letters
James Melvin Lee Judge
James O'Connell Adventure [1910]
James Olney & Dave Smith The Southern Review [1935]
James Owen The Argosy [1882]
James P. Helm III The Archive
James Payn The Cornhill Magazine
James Payn Chambers's Edinburgh Journal
James Quinn If
James R. Beach Dark Discoveries
James R. Cain Dark Animus
James R. Elliott The American Union
James R. Elliott The Flag of Our Union
James R. Lowell & Robert Carter The Pioneer [1843]
James R. Quirk Opportunity
James Randall Star Detective Magazine
James Randall All Star Fiction
James Russell Lowell The Atlantic Monthly
James S. Cotton The Academy
James Spencer Northcote The Rambler [1848]
James Stagg [Assistant Editor] Sexton Blake Library
James Sullivan Starkey The Dublin Magazine
James T. Fields The Atlantic Monthly
James W. Milne The Smart Set (UK)
James W. Smith The Strand Magazine (US)
James Wills The Dublin University Magazine
Jan Berrien Berends Terra Incognita
Jan Burke; Rachel E. Holmen Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine
Jan Henderson Woman and Home
Jan Wilson & Jenny Barber Here & Now
Jane Fancher & Richard Pini Yearnings: The Elfquest Companion
Jane Harris Woodside & Nancy Fischman; Jane H. Woodside Now & Then
Jane Heap The Little Review
Jane Littell All-Story Love (Stories/Tales/Magazine)
Jane Littell Love Book Magazine
Jane Littell Romance [1937]
Jane McDonnell Image [1974]
Jane Pratt Jane
Jane Procter The Tatler [1901]
Jane Stoddard The Woman at Home
Janet Hutchings Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine
Janet Rising Pony
Janice Turner that's life!
Janie Littell Four Star Love Magazine
Jared Rutter Knight
Jason Sizemore Apex Science Fiction and Horror Digest
Jay Irving Landesman Neurotica
Jean D. Twiddy Woman and Home
Jean Lorimer Woman and Beauty
Jean Twiddy Woman's Weekly
Jeanette & Joseph Gilder Putnam's Magazine
Jeanne Beaumont & Anna Rabinowitz American Letters and Commentary
Jeff Berkwits Amazing Stories
Jeff Knorr & Tim Scheell Clackamas Literary Review
Jeff Paris & Adam Golaski New Genre
Jeff Stevens Skyworlds
Jeff Troiano Blonde on Blonde
Jeffrey Williams The Minnesota Review
Jenine Boisits Beginnings
Jenine Gordon Bockman & Jeff Bockman Literal Latt^e'
Jennifer Barber Salamander
Jennifer M. Brooks Thirteen Stories
Jenny Campbell Candis
Jenny Lee Meanjin
Jeremy C. Shipp & Mark Manalang Rhapsoidia
Jeremy G. Byrne & Jonathan Strahan Eidolon
Jeremy Page The Frogmore Papers
Jeremy Queen The Farthing Journal
Jerome Bixby Two Complete Science-Adventure Books
Jerome Bixby Planet Stories
Jerome Bixby Stories of Sheena - Queen of the Jungle
Jerome K. Jerome To-Day [1893]
Jerome K. Jerome The Idler [1892]
Jerome K. Jerome & Robert Barr The Idler [1892]
Jerome V. Kramer Book
Jerry Albert Movie Love Stories
Jerry Albert Movie Western
Jerry Albert Red Mask Detective Stories
Jerry Albert Movie Detective
Jerry Albert Stirring Detective and Western Stories
Jerry Mason The Argosy [1882]
Jerry Mason Adventure [1910]
Jess Gregg The Flamingo
Jessica Amanda Salmonson Fantasy Macabre
Jessica Amanda Salmonson Naginata
Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Sherri L. File & Dianne Policelli Windhaven
Jessica Horsting and James Van Hise Midnight Graffiti
Jim Barnes The Chariton Review
Jim Clark The Greensboro Review
Jim Davidson Meanjin
Jim Emerson Futures Past
Jim Hendryx, Jr. Ranch Romances
Jim Hendryx, Jr. Treasury of Great Western Stories
Jim Hendryx, Jr. Top Western Stories
Jim Lay Deadbolt
Jo Carson (fiction editor); in 2000 - 2002: Chris Kromm Southern Exposure
Jo Copsey Gold Dust Magazine
Jo Good QWF (Quality Women's Fiction)
Jo Good Cadenza
Joan Jobe Smith, Barbara Hauk, Marilyn Johnson Pearl
Joan Selby-Lowndes Children's Church Newspaper
Joan Viner Nursery World
Joan Werner Laurie She
Joan Wynn, 750 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10017 Ingenue
Joanna Labon Storm
Jodi Hyland (in 1962); Joy Scully Woman's Mirror
Joe David Bellamy Fiction International
Joe Gill Valor
Joe Kerr The Yellow Kid
Joe Ross (literary editor); Clarissa K. Wittenberg Washington Review
Joe S. Pulver, Sr. Crypt of Cthulhu
Joe Weixlmann African American Review
Joel Carmichael Midstream
Joel Chandler Harris Uncle Remus's Magazine
Joel Van Velin Whistling Shade: A Twin Cities Literary Journal
John & Bjo Trimble To The Stars
John A. Schleicher Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
John Aiken The Monthly Magazine
John Armitage The Fortnightly Review
John B. Donahue Columbia
John B. Ford & Steve Lines Lovecraft's Disciples
John Bakeless Littell's Living Age
John Barnie Planet
John Bell Henneman Sewanee Review
John Bender Strange Detective Mysteries
John Bernard Stoughton Holborn The Quarto: An Artistic, Literary and Musical Quarterly [1896]
John Blackwood Blackwood's (Edinburgh) Magazine
John Bonner Harper's Weekly
John Boonstra & Charles E. Ward Galumph
John Brennan True-Story
John Brisben Walker The Cosmopolitan
John Brisben Walker The Metropolitan Magazine [1895]
John Burr Wild West Weekly
John Burr Western Story Magazine
John C. Freund Dark Blue
John Carnell Science Fiction Adventures (UK)
John Carnell New Worlds
John Carnell Science Fantasy [1950]
John Carnell Creep, Shadow!
John Cassell The Quiver
John Cassell Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper
John Cowley The Anti-Philistine
John Creasey John Creasey Mystery Magazine
John Crowe Ransom The Kenyon Review
John Dale Take a Break
John Dale Fiction Feast
John Davies Children's Newspaper
John Degan Ink Magazine
John Dolinac Sir!
John Dunne Colonies Science Fiction Magazine
John F. Broxholme John Bull [1906]
John F. Broxholme Today [1960]
John Fischer Harper's New Monthly Magazine
John Foord ASIA
John Foster Fraser The Temple Magazine
John Foster Kirk Lippincott's Magazine
John Fox Gent
John Francis Bloxham The Chameleon
John G. Keating The Manhattan Quarterly
John Gerard The Month
John Gerard The Month
John Gilbert Fear [1988]
John Gilbert Frighteners
John Goodland Seven: The New Magazine
John Goodland and Nicholas Moore Seven Magazine of People's Writing
John Grigg The National Review [1883]
John Gross The Times Literary Supplement
John H. Burrows Ed McBain's 87th Precinct Mystery Magazine
John H. Latham Western (Fiction) Magazine [1970]
John H. McGinnis & co Southwest Review
John H. Newman The Rambler [1848]
John H. Parker Gentleman's Magazine
John Hawkesworth The Adventurer [1752]
John Hogan Pages
John Inman to Apr-1848; Stephen Chester to Dec-1848; then Darius Mead Columbian Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine
John J. O'Connell The American Weekly
John J. Pierce Galaxy Science Fiction
John Kendrick Bangs Puck [1877]
John Kendrick Bangs Harper's Weekly
John Kendrick Bangs The Metropolitan Magazine [1895]
John Klima Electric Velocipede
John L. Bott; Walter Holton Boys' Broadcast
John L. Garbutt Boys' Friend Library (New Series)
John L. Garbutt Boys' Friend Library
John L. Nanovic Movie Action Magazine
John L. Nanovic The Shadow
John L. Nanovic Clues
John L. Nanovic The Whisperer
John L. Nanovic Sea Stories [1922]
John L. Nanovic Best Detective Magazine
John L. Nanovic The Feds
John L. Nanovic Pete Rice Magazine
John L. Nanovic The Avenger
John L. Nanovic The Skipper [1936]
John L. O'Sullivan & S.D. Langtree Democratic Review
John Latey The Sketch
John Latey The Illustrated London News
John Lehmann New Writing
John Lehmann Penguin New Writing
John Lehmann London Magazine [1954]
John Lombardi Oui
John Lovell Cassell's Magazine
John Low Rover
John M. Benson Not One of Us
John M. Freiermuth Timber Creek Review
John M. Navroth Diabolique
John M. Siddall The American Magazine
John Matthias & William O'Rourke Notre Dame Review
John McCloud Gunsmoke
John McCloud Menace
John McCloud Manhunt
John McLaren McBryde Jr. Sewanee Review
John Meagher The Home Friend [1904]
John Middleton Murry The Adelphi (1923)
John Middleton Murry Rhythm
John Middleton Murry The Adelphi (1923)
John Mitford Gentleman's Magazine
John Moore Capes The Rambler [1848]
John Morley The Fortnightly Review
John Morley Macmillan's Magazine
John Murray The Month
John Murray Panurge
John Murray Panurge
John Murray & Osyth Leeston The Cornhill Magazine
John Nanovic Nick Carter Magazine
John Nanovic Doc Savage
John Navroth Midnight Carnival
John Navroth Lovecraft's Mystery Magazine
John Neal The Portico [1816]
John Newbury Lilliputian Magazine
John Nix Pentalow The Boys' Realm
John Nix Pentalow Sport and Adventure
John Nix Pentalow Boys' Realm Football Library
John Nix Pentalow [Managing Editor?] Robin Hood Library [1919]
John Nix Pentelow Gem Library (New Series)
John Nix Pentelow The Marvel
John Nix Pentelow Magnet Library
John Oliver The Sphere
John O'Neill Black Gate
John Palmer Sewanee Review
John Panas Who? Detective Magazine
John Pentelow The Magnet
John Pentelow The Gem
John Pickett The Country Gentleman
John Poe Intrigue (Mystery) (Magazine)
John Poe Bizarre! Mystery Magazine
John R. Milton at outset; Brian Bedard South Dakota Review
John Ransley Short Stories Magazine
John Ratcliffe Cold Print
John Reddie Black The Far East
John Reed Wade Pearson's Magazine
John Reed Wade The Royal Magazine
John S. Phillips The American Magazine
John S. Watson Pall Mall. A New Entertainment for Men
John Saunders, William Howitt The People's Journal [1846]
John Scott, John Taylor The London Magazine [1820]
John St Loe Strachey The Spectator [1828]
John St. Loe Strachey The Cornhill Magazine
John Stearns Merry's Museum
John Stock The Green Magazine
John Sturdevant The American Weekly
John T. Frederick, plus Frank Luther Mott from 1925 The Midland
John T. Winterich American Legion Magazine
John Thompson Pearson's Magazine
John Tillotson Cassell's Illustrated Family Paper
John Tillotson Boys' Penny Magazine
John Tipper Ladies' Diary
John Tipper Delights for the Ingenious
John Trotwood Moore Trotwood's Monthly
John Tulloch Fraser's Magazine
John Underwood Manhunt
John W. Aldridge and Vance Bourjaily Discovery
John W. Campbell, Jr. Astounding Stories/Science-Fiction
John W. Campbell, Jr. Unknown
John W. Harding People's Magazine
John W. Parker Fraser's Magazine
John W. Wheway Champion
John W. Wheway Nugget Library (New Series 2)
John W. Wheway [Assistant Editor] Pluck [1894]
John Wheway Champion
John Williams Fiction Furnace
John Williams Denver Quarterly
John Willis Clark The Quiver
John Witte Northwest Review
Jon A. Tetra Mystery Digest
Jon and Ruth Jordan Crime Spree
Jon Chambers UK Omni
Jon Cook Pretext
Jon Hodges Wicked Hollow
Jon L. Herron, Editor. Amazing Experiences
Jon Silkin with various co-editors; currently John Kinsella & Michael Hulse Stand
Jonas Carter 77 Sunset Strip
Jonas Carter Tightrope!
Jonathan Harker Weirdly Supernatural
Jonathan Laden Fictitious Force
Jonathan Ostrowsky-Lantz and John M. Landsberg Unearth
Jos^e' Garcia Villa Clay: A Literary Notebook
Joseph Baker The American Yellow Book
Joseph Collins Once a Month [1868]
Joseph Commings Mystery Digest
Joseph Cox Adventure [1910]
Joseph E. Kruppa American Short Fiction
Joseph E. Shelton Tumbleweed
Joseph Ferman The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Joseph H. Jackson Sunset
Joseph Hatton Gentleman's Magazine
Joseph Keating The Month
Joseph King The Pagan: A Magazine for Eudaemonists
Joseph Knight Gentleman's Magazine
Joseph L. Marx Fear! [1960]
Joseph McCrindle Transatlantic Review [1959]
Joseph Moskovitz Matrix [1940]
Joseph N. Hallock The Cosmopolitan
Joseph Reese The Western Monthly Magazine (1830)
Joseph Ross Amazing Stories
Joseph Ross Fantastic [1952]
Joseph T. Shaw Black Mask [1920]
Joseph W. Ferman Bestseller Mystery Magazine
Joseph W. Ferman Mercury Mystery-Book Magazine
Josh Breese, Kristin Chin, and Chris Fletcher The Late Late Show
Joshua Cohen Salt Hill
Joshua Cohen Boston Review
Josiah G. Holland The Century Magazine
Joy M. Hendry Chapman
Joy Marchand Shimmer
Joyce Howlett Everywoman('s)
Judith Brett Meanjin
Judith P. Stelboum Harrington Lesbian Fiction Quarterly
Judith Sims Beyond [1981]
Judson D. Hale, Sr Yankee Magazine
Judy Cooke; Chris Maillard from Apr-1988 The Fiction Magazine [1982]
Jules Chametzky, Mary Heath & Paul Jenkins The Massachusetts Review
Jules Saltman Orbit Science Fiction
Julia Watson Homes and Gardens
Julian Critchley Man About Town (UK)
Julian LaRose Chandler Uncle Remus's Magazine
Julie Akhurst Best
Julie Davis S.F. Digest
Juliet Brittain Time and Tide
June E. Forde Storytime
K. Simpson, editor c. 1970 Reveille
K.T. Meyer Male
Karen Craig Humpty Dumpty's Magazine for Little Children
Karen Ellison The Mag!
Karen Mulhallen Descant (Canada)
Karen Shapiro & William Desmond Skullduggery
Karen Taussig-Lux VOICES: The Journal of New York Folklore
Karen Templer The Readerville Journal
Karl E. Jirgens Rampike
Karl Edward Harriman (The) Blue Book (Magazine)
Karl Harriman The Red Book
Karl Johanson Neo-opsis
Karl Miller, Mary Kay Wilmers The London Review of Books
Karl Patten & Robert Love Taylor (in 1998 - 2000); Joshua Harmon West Branch
Karl Schmidt Puck [1877]
Karl Shapiro Prairie Schooner
Karl Wenclas & Max Sitting POP Literary Gazette
Kate Austin Pony
Kate Hill Blood Samples
Kate Hill & Elizabeth Portland Parchment Symbols
Kate Jones Young Writer
Katherine Daffron Two Complete Science-Adventure Books
Katherine Teel (in 1970); Katie Chaple Georgia State University Review
Kathleen Kuklinski Bakka Magazine
Kathleen Moloney Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine
Kathleen Wall Wascana Review
Kathleen Warnock Writer's Voice
Kathryn Flett Arena [1986]
Kathryne V. Sagan Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine
Kay Smallshaw Modern Woman
Kaye Webb Collins' For Boys and Girls
Keith Alan Deutsch Black Mask [1974]
Keith Bancroft The Saint Magazine [1984]
Keith Chapman Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine
Keith Jeffrey Bullet Magazine
Keith McNeill Woman's Own
Keith Seddon Vortex [1977]
Kelly A. White Girls' Life
Ken Alexander The Walrus
Ken Purdy The Argosy [1882]
Ken St. Andre (to Winter 1979), then Liz Danforth Sorcerer's Apprentice
Ken White Black Mask [1920]
Ken White Adventure [1910]
Ken White Ace-High Detective Magazine
Kendall Foster Crossen Flynn's (Weekly Detective)
Kendall Goodwyn Adventure [1910]
Keningale Cook The Dublin University Magazine
Kenneth Bird Punch
Kenneth James Crist & John Gollihar Black Petals
Kenneth McArdle Collier's Weekly
Kenneth Owens; M.J. Keiley; Complete Gang Novel (Magazine)
Kenneth W. Hutchinson Spicy Mystery Stories
Kenneth W. Hutchinson Spicy-Adventure Stories
Kenneth W. Hutchinson Spicy Detective Stories
Kenneth W. Hutchinson Complete Detective Novel Magazine
Kenneth W. Hutchinson Spicy Western Stories
Kenneth W. Hutchinson Dan Turner, Hollywood Detective
Kenny Horne Old Time Model Airplane Magazine
Kent Thompson The Fiddlehead
Kent Thompson The Fiddlehead
Kerry Maguire (associate editor); Elizabeth Licata Buffalo Spree
Kevin L. Donihe Bare Bone
Kim Mohan Amazing Stories
Kim Mohan Dragon Magazine
Kingsley Martin The New Statesman
Kirk S. King Night Dreams
Kitty Shannon The Smart Set (UK)
Klaus Mann Decision: A Review of Free Culture
Kristine Kathryn Rusch Pulphouse: The Hardback Magazine
Kristine Rusch The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Kwame Anthony Appiah & Henry Louis Gates Transition [1960]
Kyle A. Bodt Stylus
Kyril Bonfiglioli Science Fantasy [1950]
Kyril Bonfiglioli & Keith Roberts Science Fantasy [1950]
L. C. Knights, etc Scrutiny
L. Palk Christian Novels
L. T. Meade, with various co-eds Atalanta
L.A.G. Strong Lovat Dickson's Magazine
L.B. Cole The Pursuit Detective Story Magazine
L.B. Cole Hunted Detective Story Magazine
L.C. Harper Abbott's Monthly
L.H. Maynard, M.P.N. Sims & David J. Howe F20
Lady Georgina Coleridge Homes and Gardens
Lady Randolph Spencer Churchill The Anglo-Saxon Review
Laman Blanchard George Cruikshank's Omnibus
Lamar York; Lawrence Hetrick Chattahoochee Review
Larrabie Cunningham Detective Book Magazine
Larry Gray at outset; Jack Bedell with David C. Hanson associate Louisiana Literature
Larry Holmes Hardboiled [1936]
Larry Reich Man's Thrills
Larry Shaw Monsters and Things
Larry Shaw Monster Parade
Larry Shaw If
Larry Shaw Suspect Detective Stories
Larry Shaw Science Fiction Adventures [1956]
Larry Shaw Infinity Science Fiction
Laura Didyk Black Warrior Review
Laurence Goldstein Michigan Quarterly Review
Lauro Flores The Americas Review
Lawrence Coates & M.L. Williams (in 1998), Margot Schilpp Quarterly West
Lawrence Hammond The Argosy [1926]
Lawrence Spivak The American Mercury
Leander James Neiss Feature Movie Magazine
Lee Chapman First Intensity
Lee Edwards The Massachusetts Review
Lee F. Hartman Harper's New Monthly Magazine
Lee Grue New Laurel Review
Lee Harris Hub
Lee Martin American Literary Review
Lee Montgomery Santa Monica Review
Leicester Harmsworth Home Chat
Leicester Harmsworth The Home Companion
Leif Peterson Kinesis
Leigh Mechem, Leigh Pulp Tales
Leitch Ritchie Chambers's Edinburgh Journal
Leland Bardwell & others Cyphers
Len Berry Detective Weekly
Len Pratt Western Library
Len Pratt The Oracle
Len Pratt Robin Hood Library [1919]
Len Pratt Sexton Blake Library
Len Pratt [Assistant Editor] Sexton Blake Library
Len Pratt; Jack Hunt The Thriller [1929]
Len Pratt; John Nix Pentalow Prairie Library
Leo Amalian Ararat
Leo Brooks Springboard
Leo Margulies The Masked Detective
Leo Margulies Thrilling Mystery
Leo Margulies Mystery Book Magazine
Leo Margulies Thrilling Love
Leo Margulies Fantastic Universe
Leo Margulies Army-Navy Flying Stories
Leo Margulies Girl Rackets
Leo Margulies The Ghost Detective
Leo Margulies throughout, but with Sam Merwin to Dec-1956, and Frank Belknap Long Feb-1959 - May-1959 Satellite Science Fiction
Leo Margulies, Preston Grady, David X. Manners Thrilling Detective
Leon Byrne Dime Mystery Magazine
Leonard Bacon, and associates The Independent
Leonard D. Fritz Krater: College Workshop Quarterly
Leonard Fein (1975 - 1987); Hershel Shanks Moment
Leonard Halls The Boy's Own Paper
Leonard Holdsworth, Kurt M^u""ller & James Hughes Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine
Leonard Huxley The Cornhill Magazine
Leonard Pratt. The Violet Magazine
Leonard Raven-Hill and Arnold Golsworthy The Butterfly: A Humorous and Artistic Monthly
Leonidas Hamline The Ladies' Repository
Leopold Maxse The National Review [1883]
Lesley Choyce Pottersfield Portfolio
Lesley Dorman Gallery
Lesley Milner & Robin Waddling Noesis SF Magazine
Leslie Charteris Suspense [1946]
Leslie Hill Reveille
Leslie J. Johnson Outlands
Leslie J. Sullivan Catholic Fireside
Leslie Stephen The Cornhill Magazine
Leslie Syddall John Creasey Mystery Magazine
Leslie Syddall Combat
Leslie Syddall Phantom
Lester del Rey Fantasy Magazine [1953]
Lester del Rey Worlds of Fantasy [1968]
Lester del Rey Space Science Fiction
Lester del Rey to Sep-1953, then Harry Harrison Science Fiction Adventures [1952]
Lester del Rey, #1-#1; Harry Harrison last issue Rocket Stories
Letty Cottin Pogrebin Ms. Magazine
Lewis Carlton The Boys' Friend [1895]
Lewis Carlton The Boys' Journal [1913]
Lewis Carlton The Union Jack Library [1894]
Lewis Gaylord Clark The Knickerbocker or New-York Monthly Magazine
Lewis Gaylord Clark & others The Knickerbocker or New-York Monthly Magazine
Lewis Lapham Harper's New Monthly Magazine
Lewis Sheringham Collins' For Boys and Girls
Lewis Shiner Modern Stories [1983]
Lidia Yukman Two Girls Review
Lieut.-Col. Bernard E. McCarthy (c. 1966); Gladys Moon (c. 1971 - 1978); Capt. Bruce Tulloch (c. 1983); Jean Bryant (c. 1993) / Young Soldier
Lilith Lorraine Different
Lillian E. Smith & Paula Snelling The North Georgia Review
Lily Chrywenstrom Fables and Reflections
Lin Carter Kadath [1974]
Lin Carter Weird Tales
Linda Brown Michelson Crosscurrents
Linda Davies & Susan Burmeister-Brown Glimmer Train
Linda Wong New Mystery
Linda Yau Horizons
Linsey Abrams Global City Review
Lionel White Headquarters Detective
Lisa Kerr Yemassee
Lisa Palac Future Sex
Liz Holliday 3SF
Liz Holliday, 72pp (average), \3 Odyssey [1997]
Lois Cantwell Calling All Girls
Lon Murray Sport Story Magazine
Lon Murray The Shadow
Lord Alfred Douglas The Academy
Lord Frederic Hamilton The Pall Mall Magazine
Lord Frederic Hamilton & Sir Douglas Straight The Pall Mall Magazine
Lord Gorell The Cornhill Magazine
Loren Palmer The Delineator
Loring Dorst Horror Stories [1935]
Loring Dowst Detective Tales [1935]
Loring Dowst Dime Mystery Magazine
Loring Schuler The Country Gentleman
Lou Anders The Argosy [1882]
Lou Aronica SF Magazine
Lou Richardson Sunset
Lou Sahadi An Argosy Special: Science Fiction
Louis Godey Godey's Lady's Book
Louis Greenfield Rex Stout's Mystery Magazine
Louis Phillips Words
Louis Ruppel Collier's Weekly
Louis Vincent Lloyd's Story Magazine
Louisa M. Alcott Merry's Museum
Louise Andr^e'e Coury Exclusive London
Louise Bull Lippincott's Magazine
Louise T. Reynolds the new renaissance
Lovat Dickson Lovat Dickson's Magazine
Lowry C. Wimberly Prairie Schooner
Lt. Col. C.E.G. Hope Pony
Lu Senarens Moving Picture Stories
Lucian Cary The Dial
Lucy Peacock The Juvenile Magazine [1788]
Luis Ortiz Non-Stop
Luis P. Senarens to 1924, then Robert Simpson Mystery Magazine [1917]
Luther Tucker The Country Gentleman
Lyle Kenyon Engel overall packager; Michael Avallone compiled the issues American Agent
Lyman Abbott The Outlook [1870]
Lynn Barrett Gulf Stream
Lynn Lauber 5 Great Romances
Lynn Lauber World's Greatest Love Stories
M. Elena Carillo Rio Grande Review
M. Margaret Anderson Common Ground
M. M'D. Bodkin The Irish Packet
M. Park Noble. Dew Drop and Young Herald. A magazine for the Young
M. R. Reese Movie Humor
M. Tjader Harris Direction
M.C. Kelly Sure Fire Screen Stories
M.C. Schuyler Ev'ry Month
M.D. Gregory Short Stories [1890]
M.G.L. Bailey American Needlewoman
M.J. Logan The Gael
M.J. Whitty Dublin and London Magazine
M.R. Bindamin; Adolphe Barreaux Private Detective (Stories)
M.T. Pattie Scarlet Adventuress
Mabel Moffatt The Overland Monthly
Macdonald Hastings The Strand Magazine [1891]
Madeline L. Aldridge Opportunity: A Journal of Negro Life
Magus McClure's Magazine
Major (Retd) Mike Shaw The Gunner
Major H.R. Phillips Family Fiction
Malcolm E. Wright Maelstrom
Malcolm J. Errym, later editor may be Charles Stevens The London Miscellany
Malcolm Muggeridge Punch
Malcolm Reiss Bull's Eye Detective
Malcolm Reiss Bull's-Eye Sports
Malcolm Reiss Baseball Stories
Malcolm Reiss Planet Stories
Malcolm Reiss All Adventure Action Novels
Malcolm Reiss Air Stories [1927]
Malcolm Reiss Detective Book Magazine
Malcolm Reiss Aces
Malcolm Reiss Two Complete Science-Adventure Books
Malcolm Reiss Detective Book Magazine
Malcolm Reiss Tops in Science Fiction
Malcolm Reiss All-American Football Magazine
Malcolm Reiss Two Western-Action Books
Malcolm Reiss Football Action
Malcolm Reiss & Wilbur S. Peacock Planet Stories
Malcolm Reiss to Jan-1943; Jack Byrne to Mar-1951, then Jack O'Sullivan Two Complete Detective Books
Malcolm Reiss to Winter 1949; then Jerome Bixby Jungle Stories [1938]
many and varied South Atlantic Quarterly
Marc Alexander Icarus
Marc D. Schleifer Kulchur
Marc Gascoigne Inferno!
Marc Shemmans Horror Express
Marc Silver National Jewish Monthly
Marc Smirnoff The Oxford American
Marcia Ann Gillespie Ms. Magazine
Marcia Preston ByLine
Marcus Clarke The Australian Journal
Marcus Clarke Australian Monthly Magazine
Margaret Anderson The Little Review
Margaret D. Bauer North Carolina Literary Review
Margaret Elise Harkness Tinsley's Magazine
Margaret Fuller The Dial
Margaret H. Jacobsen Pirate Stories
Margaret H. Jacobsen High-Seas Adventures
Margaret Haig, Viscountess Rhondda Time and Tide
Margaret L. Carter The Vampire's Crypt
Margaret Sangster Harper's Bazar/Bazaar
Margaret Todd Maitland Ruminator Review
Margo Power Murderous Intent
Marian Arkin & Robert Ross Antipodes
Marianne Moore & James Sibley Watson, Jr. The Dial
Marianne O. Nielsen to Fall 1998, then Jena SNyder On Spec
Marie A. Park Ideal Love
Marie Antoinette Park Today's Love Stories
Marie Antoinette Park Real Western Romances
Marie Antoinette Park Gay Love Stories
Marie-Jaqueline Lancaster Trio
Marijke Fitzgerald Under Magellanic Clouds
Marilyn Bethany Buzz
Marilyn Hacker The Kenyon Review
Marion L. Millhauser Romantic Range
Marjorie Barrows Child Life
Marjorie Russell School Yarn Magazine
Mark Beech Psychotrope
Mark Gluckstern The Prairie Star
Mark Ingebretsen Hyphen
Mark Jay Mirsky Fiction [1972]
Mark Lemon Once a Week [1859]
Mark Lemon Punch
Mark Lemon The London Journal
Mark McLaughlin The Urbanite
Mark O. Lambert Adventure Mystery Tales
Mark Penzer True
Mark Rudman Pequod
Mark Rudolph Full Unit Hookup
Mark S. Drew Black Warrior Review
Mark Salerno Arshile: A Magazine of the Arts
Mark Sullivan Collier's Weekly
Mark Valentine Wormwood
Mark Valentine & Roger Dobson Aklo
Mark Ziesing Journal Wired
Mars Martha Cook The Continental Monthly
Martha Trask Popular Love
Marti McKenna & Bridget McKenna Aeon Speculative Fiction
Martin Bax; fiction editor, J.G. Ballard Ambit
Martin Goodman Marvel Science Stories
Martin Mitchell (in 2002); George Dickerson Rattapallax
Martin Tucker Confrontation
Martyn Johnson The Dial
Marvin Kaye H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror
Marvin Kaye Adventure Tales
Mary Bradley Far and Wide
Mary Cameron Quarry Magazine
Mary Claire Ray The Metropolitan Review
Mary E. Bingley Child Education
Mary E. Braddon Belgravia
Mary Flinn New Virginia Review
Mary Gnaedinger Fantastic Novels
Mary Gnaedinger Romantic Love Secrets
Mary Gnaedinger Love Novels Magazine [1943]
Mary Gnaedinger Famous Fantastic Mysteries
Mary Grieve Woman [1937]
Mary Harbord Fascination
Mary Holland Romantic Suspense Stories
Mary Isabelle O' Sullivan, Louise Foley, Carlie Minor, & Mary Nearing Tipyn O' Bob
Mary L. Booth Harper's Bazar/Bazaar
Mary Mapes Dodge St. Nicholas
Mary Mapes Dodge Hearth and Home [1868]
Mary Mapes Dodge & Frank Stockton St. Nicholas
Mary Sue Koeppel Kalliope
Marybeth O'Hallaran Sirius*Visions
Mat Coward & Andy Cox Crimewave
Mather Dean Kimball Goodform: A Magazine for the People
Mattathias Schwartz The Philadelphia Independent
Matthew Berger, Alexander Klapwald & Kenneth Sharp 1985
Matthew Bruccoli & Richard Laymon New Black Mask (Quarterly)
Matthew F. Maury Southern Literary Messenger
Matthew Firth Front & Centre
Matthew Kressel Sybil's Garage
Matthew Walls LC-39
Matthew White Jr. The Argosy [1882]
Matthew White, Jr. The Boys' World [1885]
Maturin Ballou Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion
Maturin Ballou The Flag of Our Union
Maud Brown Home Chat
Maud Brown Home Mirror
Maud Brown The Home Companion
Maud Hughes Picture Show
Maud Hughes Girls' Cinema
Maude Egerton King The Vineyard
Maude Meagher World Youth
Maureen Porter The Gate
Maureen T. Reddy Hurricane Alice
Maurice B. Robinson Scholastic Magazine
Maurice Creswick Boy's Cinema
Maurice DeWalt Cavalier [1952]
Maurice J. Phillips, Donald A. Wollheim 10-Story Detective
Maurice Moiseiwitsch; Gerald Kelsey Bedside Clubman
Maurice Nahum & Sam Assael Supernatural Stories
Maurice Nahum & Sam Assael Tales of Tomorrow
Maurice Nahum and Sam Assael Worlds of Fantasy [1950]
Maurice Nahum and Sam Assael Wonders of the Spaceways
Maurice Nahum and Samuel Assael Out of This World
Maurice Nutbrown The Boys' Realm
Maurice Read Underworld [1951] (UK)
Max Eastman The Masses
Max Eastman; Chrystal Eastman; Floyd Dell; Robert Minor Liberator (1918)
Max Herzberg & George Sturm Scientific Detective (Annual)
Max Pemberton Chums
Max Pemberton Great Stories of Real Life
Max Pemberton Cassell's Magazine
Max Plowman The Adelphi (1923)
Maxwell Hamilton (The) Blue Book (Magazine)
Maxwell Hamilton (The) Blue Book (Magazine)
Maxwell Hamilton Bluebook (for Men)
Maxwell M. Geffen & Victor W. Knauth Omnibook Magazine
May Lamberton Becker St. Nicholas
May Lou Butler Gold Seal Detective
May Marshall Woman's Magazine (UK)
maybe H. Norman Evans in 1930s Short Stories (UK)
Maybelle Ward The Crisis
Mayne Reid Little Times
Mayne Reid Boys' Illustrated News
Mayo Heseltine The New York Ledger
Meeka Walsh Border Crossings
Meg Miller Wellspring
Melanie Bishop Alligator Juniper
Melanie Fogel Storyteller [1994]
Melissa Gish Gaslight
Melissa Wohl Arabella Romances Magazine
Melvin R. Colby Uncanny Tales [1940]
Meredith V. Dixon Hutchinson's Mystery-Story Magazine
Meredith V. Dixon Hutchinson's Adventure-Story Magazine
Meredith Vibart Dixon Hutchinson's Story Magazine
Merle Crowell The American Magazine
Merrill Miller Adam
Michael Adkisson New Pathways Into Science Fiction And Fantasy
Michael Avallone Tales of the Frightened
Michael Avallone Space Science Fiction Magazine
Michael Avallone Private Investigator Detective Magazine
Michael Blackwood Blackwood's (Edinburgh) Magazine
Michael Blaine (in 2000); Daniel Caplice Lynch New York Stories [1998]
Michael Butterworth Corridor
Michael Cannon Science Fiction Monthly (Australia)
Michael Chomko Purple Prose
Michael Cook Skullduggery
Michael Derr (in 1998); Ellen Alperstein America West Airlines Magazine
Michael E. Ambrose Macabre [1972]
Michael Hall London Mystery Magazine
Michael I. Puckwood Words Worth
Michael Jacovides Store Magazine
Michael K. Iwoleit & Ronald M. Hahn Internova
Michael M. Pendragon Songs of Innocence
Michael Monahan The Phoenix [1914]
Michael Monahan The Papyrus
Michael Moorcock [Assistant Editor] Sexton Blake Library
Michael Moorcock [with various assistants] New Worlds
Michael Moore Ares
Michael Nelson Short Stories Magazine
Michael Pederson Nth Degree
Michael Pendragon Penny Dreadful
Michael Porter The American Weekly
Michael Puttonen ConTexas
Michael S. Manley Rain Crow
Michael S. Manley 32 Pages
Michael Seidman The Armchair Detective
Michael Sombart Scoop (Regional Edition)
Michael Sombart; Ian Drew Scoop (National Edition)
Michael Walsh The Month
Michael Watts The Independent Magazine
Michael Williams Pony
Michaela Muntean Humpty Dumpty's Magazine for Little Children
Michele Grinstead Owl (UK)
Michelle Herman & Kathy Fagan The Journal
Mick Sims & Len Maynard Enigmatic Novellas
Mick Sims & Len Maynard Enigmatic Tales
Mike Allen Mythic Delirium
Mike Brunton White Dwarf
Mike Miller Surreal
Mike Paduana Midnight Hour
Mike Shannon Spitball: The Literary Baseball Magazine
Mike Shields Orbis
Mike Stotter A Shot in the Dark
Mikhammad bin Muhandis Abdel-Ishara Words of Wisdom
Miles Garrett Watson Sun Dog: The Southeast Review
Millicent Washburn Shinn The Overland Monthly
Mindy Wilson Black Warrior Review
Miriam Squier Frank Leslie's Ladies' Journal
Miron Grindea Adam International Review
Miss Claude Weird Holland's Magazine
Miss F. C. Mackenzie The 20 Story Magazine
Miss G. Gilligan Hutchinson's Mystery-Story Magazine
Miss G. Gilligan Hutchinson's Adventure & Mystery Story Magazine
Miss G. Gilligan Hutchinson's Adventure-Story Magazine
Miss G. Gillighan The Sovereign Magazine
Miss Innell Jolliffe The Island Sunbeam
Miss K.L. Birch (c. 1934); E. Fittall Early Days of the Wesleyan Popular Scholar's Guide
Miss Lassells. Betty's Paper
Miss M.M.P. Lambert The Ladies' Pictorial
Miss N.W. Kennedy The Lady's Magazine [1901]
Miss N.W. Kennedy Peg's Paper
Miss P. Lamburn True Magazine
Miss Sarah Holland Our Young Folks Weekly Budget
Miss Young Boys' Mailbag
Mitch Wieland The Idaho Review
Moncure D. Conway The Dial
Monroe Spears Sewanee Review
Monte Bourjaily Judge
Morag Prunty IT (Irish Tatler)
Moran Tudury Ace G-Man Stories
Morgan Speer The Missouri Review
Morrill Goddard The American Weekly
Morris Jones Range Riders
Morris Ogden Jones Triple Detective
Morris Ogden Jones West
Mort Castle Horror
Mort Weisinger Captain Future
Mort Weisinger Air Wonder Stories
Mort Weisinger Startling Stories
Mortimer Weisinger Strange Stories
Morton Todd Argonaut [1877]
Morton Todd Argonaut [1877]
Moses A. Dow The Waverley Magazine
Joe Morey (mostly) Dark Regions
John Waller (mostly , with co-editors) Kingdom Come
Mowbray Morris Macmillan's Magazine
Mr. Dark Dark Realms
Mrs Alfred Gatty Aunt Judy's Magazine
Mrs Braddon The St James's Magazine
Mrs C. Peterson Peterson's Magazine
Mrs F.H. Day The Hesperian
Mrs F.W. Wilby The Lady's World [1898]
Mrs Frank Leslie Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper
Mrs Frank Leslie Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly
Mrs G. M. Place The Guide [1921]
Mrs H.E.G. Arey, 1856-58; Mrs Metta Victor, 1859 - 1860. The Home: A Fireside Monthly
Mrs Henry Wood The Argosy [1865]
Mrs Horatia Eden, her daughter Aunt Judy's Magazine
Mrs J. M. Hadley True Romances & True Story
Mrs J.H. Riddell The St James's Magazine
Mrs John A. Logan Home Magazine [1888]
Mrs S.C. Hall Sharpe's London Magazine
Mrs S.C. Hall The St James's Magazine
Mrs Squier Once a Week [1871]
Mrs William Brown Meloney This Week
Mrs William Brown Meloney The Delineator
Mrs. Abrahall The Guide [1921]
Mrs. C. Goodall Girl's Own Paper
Mrs. C. Goodall Playways
Mrs. E. T. Schenck & Rev. J. D. Strong The Hesperian
Mrs. I.D. Beck Brownie
Mrs. K. E. Boorman The Tender Grape
Muriel Babcock, Elizabeth Adams, Frances Harrington Charm [1941]
Murray Polner Present Tense
Myron Apilado AIM Magazine
Myron Fass Shock Tales
Myron Lysenko & Kevin Brophy Going Down Swinging
N. Wesley Firth Gaze
Nancy E. Krulik Thrills & Chills
Nancy M. Hayes The Scout
Nancy Purnell Lunatic Chameleon
Nancy Roberts Pony
Nancy Schapiro Webster Review
Nancy Sparling Broadsword
Naomi Horii Many Mountains Moving
Nat Fleischer The All-America Sports Magazine
Nat Lehrman Gent
Natalie Adele Messenger Pep Stories
Natasha Perova & Arch Tair Glas
Nathan & Mencken The Parisienne
Nathan C. Brooks American Museum
Nathan Hale, 1842; then Henry Tuckerman The Boston Miscellany
Nathaniel P. Willis The Home Journal [1846]
Nathaniel Parker Willis American Monthly Magazine [1829]
Nathaniel Willis The Youth's Companion [1827]
Neal Easterbrook, Editor Descant (US)
Neal Kozodoy Commentary
Neal Storrs Oasis
Ned L. Pines College Life Magazine
Neil Patrick Yours Magazine
Neila Seshachari (in 1998); Sherwin W. Howard Weber Studies
Nelson Algren (Managing Editor) assisted by Jack Conroy The New Anvil
Nelson Antrim Crawford Household Magazine [1900]
Nelson Taylor Turnstile
Neville Braybrooke and Michael Allmand The Wind and the Rain
Newman Flower The Story-Teller [1907]
Newman Flower Cassell's Magazine
Newman Flower Cassell's Weekly
Newman Flower [probably Editor-in-Chief] Chums
Newman Flower to 1927; Clarence Winchester The New Magazine [1909]
Newton Talbot The American Union
Nicholar Ozment & G.N. Dybing Mooreeffoc: Fiction in the Mythic Tradition
Nicholas Moore Seven: The New Magazine
Nicholas Tomalin Man About Town (UK)
Nicholas Wapshott The Times Magazine
Nick Smith Fantasy Book [1981]
Nick Weidenfield & Neal Eckard While You Were Sleeping
Nicky Clifton Mystery Island Magazine
Nicky Clifton Alcoholman
Nigel Dennis Encounter
Nigel Morland Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine
Nils Hardin Xenophile
Noah Sarlat Stag [1950]
Noel Wood-Smith The Penny Pictorial Magazine
Noel Wood-Smith [Assistant Editor] Magnet Library
Noel Wood-Smith [Assistant Editor] Gem Library (New Series)
nominally L.B. Cole, but actually Laurence M. Janifer Cosmos Science Fiction and Fantasy
none listed Black Mask [1920]
Noni Jabavou The New Strand
Norah Casey IT (Irish Tatler)
Norman Anthony Ballyhoo Magazine
Norman Anthony Wit of the World
Norman Cousins Encore
Norman Goddard The Union Jack Library [1894]
Norman Hapgood Harper's Weekly
Norman Hapgood Collier's Weekly
Norman Hume Anthony Judge
Norman Kark London Mystery Magazine
Norman Kark Courier
Norman Lavers Kansas Quarterly
Norman Macleod Good Words
Norman Macleod Good Words for the Young
Norman Podhoretz Commentary
Norman Swallow Phoenix [1946]
North, Anthony Rattler's Tale
not identified Astonishing Stories (Canadian)
Not identified, but possibly Edwin Oliver. The Charing Cross Magazine
Not known, possibly Jesse Quail. The Realm
Numsiri Kunakemajorn Sycamore Review
Oliver Bell Bunce & Charles Henry Jones Appleton's Journal
Oliver Optic Oliver Optic's Magazine
Oliver Stewart Popular Flying
Olwen Rice Woman's Weekly Fiction Special
Olwen Rice Woman's Weekly
Orlando Jay Smith Brandur Magazine
Orville J. Victor Beadle's Monthly
Oscar Cook Hutchinson's Adventure-Story Magazine
Oscar Cook Hutchinson's Mystery-Story Magazine
Oscar Graeve The Delineator
Oscar J. Friend Air Wonder Stories
Oscar J. Friend Startling Stories
Oscar J. Friend Captain Future
Oscar Parker The English Illustrated Magazine
Oscar Wilde The Woman's World [1886]
Oswald Crawfurd Chapman's Magazine of Fiction
Oswald Crawfurd Black and White
Oswald Crawfurd; Ford Maddox Hueffer The New Quarterly Magazine
Otis L. Wiese McCall's Magazine
overall editor Fulton Oursler till May-1930; thereafter Harold Hersey Ghost Stories
Owen Seaman Punch
P. Doughty Eros
P. Gilchrist Thompson Lovat Dickson's Magazine
P. Joyce Reynolds; Anne Scott-James Harper's Bazaar (UK)
P. L. Atkinson Midnight
P. Lamburn (c. 1966); Betty Hale Rave
P. M. Raymond The Columbian Magazine [1911]
P.J. O'Rourke National Lampoon
P.N. Beringer The Overland Monthly
P.W. Bunting The Contemporary Review
Pam Chillemi-Yeager & John Davies Fantasque
Pam Creais Dementia 13
Pam McCully & Kathryn Morrison Lynx Eye
Pamela Colman Smith The Green Sheaf
Pamela Whitlock Collins' For Boys and Girls
Park Benjamin New England Magazine [1831]
Park Penjamin American Monthly Magazine [1833]
Parke Godwin Putnam's Magazine
Pat Britt Pangolin Papers
Pat Cadigan Shayol
Pat Patterson The Crisis
Patricia Coudrey Fact and Fiction [1934]
Patricia D. Norland & Ellen Noerke The Kalahari Review
Patricia Oxley Acumen
Patricia Rogers Honeymoon Tales
Patrick L. Price Amazing Stories
Patrick Masuli Tales of Terror from the Beyond
Patrick Merla James White Review
Patrick Richards Day by Day
Patrick Swenson Talebones
PatTowers Elle
Paul A. Doyle Nassau Review
Paul Bixler The Antioch Review
Paul Bixler The Antioch Review
Paul Bradshaw The Dream Zone
Paul Bradshaw Haunted Dreams
Paul Brazier Nexus [1991]
Paul Calvin Wilson Lighthouse Magazine
Paul Calvin Wilson Nocturne [2005]
Paul Campbell Extro Science Fiction
Paul Chadwick Air Trails [1928]
Paul Cockburn White Dwarf
Paul Collins Void Science Fiction & Fantasy
Paul Duncan Crime Time
Paul Fraser Spectrum SF
Paul Fry Peep Show [2001]
Paul Gierasch Practical Ideals
Paul Grant The Corpse
Paul Green The Reviewer
Paul Hamilton Hayne. Russell's Magazine
Paul Harris Jewish Telegraph
Paul Imbush? Thrills [1939]
Paul J. Lockey Unhinged
Paul J. Willis Anubis
Paul Lawrence Payne Planet Stories
Paul McCall Aces
Paul Ruffin Texas Review
Paul Ruffins The Crisis
Paul Sawyer White Dwarf
Paul Sutherland Dream Catcher
Paul W. Fairman If
Paul W. FAirman Dream World
Paul W. Fairman Fantastic [1952]
Paul W. Fairman Amazing Stories Science Fiction Novel
Paul W. Fairman Amazing Stories
Paula Champa Joe
Paula Deitz & Frederick Morgan The Hudson Review
Paula Guran Horror Garage
Paula Routly Seven Days
Peadar O'Donnell The Bell
Pearl Ashton Everywoman('s)
Peg Rogers Child Life
Peggie Matheson Envoy
Peggy Brayfield Karamu
Peggy Graves Romance [1937]
Peggy Graves Sweetheart Love Stories
Peggy Graves Fifteen Love Stories
Peggy Graves New Love Magazine
Peggy Nadramia Grue
Penny Grant Ghoul
Penny Talbert The Circle
Percy A. Clarke Boys' Friend Library (New Series)
Percy B. St. John The London Herald
Percy Bishop Tales for Little People
Percy Bishop Briton's Own Library
Percy Bolingbroke St. John Dick's English Library of Standard Works
Percy C. Bishop The Union Jack Library [1894]
Percy C. Bishop Pluck [1894]
Percy Griffith Empire Library (New Series)
Percy Griffith Gem Library
Percy Griffith The Gem
Percy Griffith Gem Library (New Series)
Percy Griffith Magnet Library
Percy Griffith The Magnet
Percy Griffith Empire Library
Percy W. Everett Pearson's Magazine
Percy W. Everett The Scout
Percy W. Everett The Lady's Magazine [1901]
Percy Waxman The Pictorial Review
Perley Poore Sheehan The Scrap Book
Perry Waxman Black Bat Detective Mysteries
Peter Crowther Postscripts
Peter Drizhal & Carmen Villareal Urbanus
Peter Finley Dunne Collier's Weekly
Peter H. Gannett Adventure [1910]
Peter Hall Short Stories (Australia)
Peter Hamilton Nebula Science Fiction
Peter Hebblethwaite The Month
Peter Keary The Royal Magazine
Peter Knox Boggle
Peter Kravitz; Gavin Wallace Edinburgh Review [1969]
Peter McCurtin Cavalcade (US)
Peter McNamara Aphelion Science Fiction Magazine
Peter Mortimer Iron
Peter Motteux The Gentleman's Journal, or the Monthly Miscellany
Peter Quennell The Cornhill Magazine
Peter Ratazzi; P.L.H. Smith Khaki and Blue
Peter Stine Witness
Peter Stitt The Gettysburg Review
Peter Tatham Colophon
Phil Gallagher White Dwarf
Phil Harbottle Fantasy Quarterly
Phil Harbottle & Sean Wallace Fantasy Annual
Phil Hirsch Man's Magazine
Phil May The Ludgate Monthly
Phil Painter Breezy Stories
Philip C. Cody Black Mask [1920]
Philip Caraman The Month
Philip Dixon Hardy The Dublin Penny Journal
Philip Dixon Hardy The Dublin Literary Gazette
Philip Gore Omega Science Digest
Philip Harbottle Vision of Tomorrow
Philip Harbottle Fantasy Adventures
Philip O'Farrell Pearson's Magazine
Philip Painter Young's Realistic Stories (194?)
Philip Rahv Partisan Review
Philip S. Rose The Country Gentleman
Philip Sidney Jennings & Paul Magrath Jennings Magazine
Philippa Preston Everywoman's Weekly
Phoebe Bosch^e' The Raven Chronicles
Phyllis Lyon The Ladder
Phyllis Schneider Calling All Girls
Pierce & Pendleton, 1840; Pendleton, 1841/1842; W.G. Simms, 1842/1843. The Magnolia, or Southern Apalachian
Pierce Egan The London Journal
Pierre Comtois Fungi (Quarterly)
Pierre Coupey (founding editor); Bill Schermbrucker; Dorothy Jantzen; Bob Sherrin; Ryan Knighton; Sharon Thesen The Capilano Review
Piotr J. Olszewski Rats
Polly Buckingham StringTown
Polly W. Swafford Potpourri
possible Harry Widmer All-Story Western
possibly Benjamin Emmanuel Weird World
possibly Douglas M. Dold Detective Trails
possibly H. Norman Evans Modern Stories [1934]
possibly Reeves Shaw The Crusoe Mag.
probably also Tegg The Marvellous Magazine
probably Douglas Dold Complete Aviation Novel Magazine
probably Douglas Dold Complete Mystery Novelettes
probably Douglas Dold Courtroom Stories
probably H. Norman Evans Traveller's Pack
probably H. Norman Evans Mystery and Detection
probably H. Norman Evans Fireside Ghost Stories
probably H. Norman Evans World Stories
probably Leslie Syddall Screen Chills and Macabre Stories
probably Norman Light Worlds of the Universe
probably Robert O. Erisman The Angel Detective
probably Robert O. Erisman Detective Mysteries
probably Robert O. Erisman Adventure Trails [1938]
probably Robert O. Erisman All Star Detective
probably Robert O. Erisman Cowboy Action Novels
probably Stafford Pemberton Amazing Science Stories
Professor M.V. O'Shea (? - 1932); Garry Cleveland Myers Junior Home for Parent and Child
R. Alain Everts The Arkham Sampler
R. C. Hewitt; Reginald S. Taylor Nelson Lee Library (3rd New Series)
R. Cave Gentleman's Magazine
R. de S. Horn Short Stories [1890]
R. Ellis Roberts Life and Letters
R. H. Hutton The Spectator [1828]
R. O. Erisman Marvel Science Stories
R. Peter Burnham The Long Story
R. S. Cartwright Dark Legacy
R. Stuart Macrae The Royal Magazine
R. T. Eves The Penny Popular
R. T. Eves Boys' Herald [1903]
R. T. Smith Shenandoah
R.A. Scott-James The London Mercury
R.A. Wise Sunny Stories
R.B. Miller Detective Story Magazine [1915]
R.B. Roosevelt New York Citizen
R.C. Hewitt Schoolboys' Own Library
R.C. Hewitt The Boys' Realm
R.C. Hewitt [Assistant Editor] Gem Library (New Series)
R.D. Hart The Overland Monthly
R.D. Low Rover
R.F. Buse True Detective
R.F. Tannenbaum, 1st series; Mark Defoe new series; William Trowbridge The Laurel Review
R.J. Minney The Strand Magazine [1891]
R.M. Kinder & Kevin Prufer Pleiades
R.P. Whitworth The Australian Journal
R.S. Cartwright, R. S. & Ron Shiflet Innsmouth Tales
R.S. Lambert The Listener
R.S. Warren Bell Boys' Life (UK)
R.S. Warren-Bell The Captain [1899]
R.T. Eves Champion
R.T. Eves The School Friend
R.T. Eves; Stuart Gilchrist Adventure [1921]
R.W. Bradford Liberty [2000]
Rachel Fones The Banshee
Rachel Fulkerson, Chris Dall, etc The Slate
Rachel Tecza Farmer's Market
Raechel Henderson Spellbound (1999)
Ralph Adamo New Orleans Review
Ralph Adris Science Fiction Classics [1967]
Ralph Burns & Lisa Lewis Crazyhorse
Ralph Coveny [Assistant Editor] Sexton Blake Library
Ralph Ginzburg Avant Garde
Ralph Perry Detective Action Stories
Ralph Rollington The Girl's World [1879]
Ralph Rollington New Boys' Paper [1886]
Ralph Rollington Our Boys' Paper [1880]
Ralph Rollington The Ladies' Novelette
Ralph Rollington (W. Allingham). The Boys' World [1879]
Ralph Tilton The Delineator
Ralph Waldo Emerson The Dial
Ramona Pope Richards Apex!
Randy Dannenfelser Adventures of Sword and Sorcery
Ray B. West, Jr Rocky Mountain Review
Ray Long The Red Book
Ray Long Hampton's Magazine
Ray Long The Cosmopolitan
Ray Russell Playboy
Raymond A. Palmer Mystic
Raymond A. Palmer Fantastic Adventures
Raymond A. Palmer Mammoth Adventure
Raymond A. Palmer Mammoth Detective
Raymond A. Palmer Amazing Stories
Raymond A. Palmer & Bea Mahaffey Universe Science Fiction
Raymond A. Palmer and Bea Mahaffey Science Stories
Raymond A. Palmer to Feb-1947; then Howard Browne Mammoth Mystery
Raymond A. Palmer with Bea Mahaffey Other Worlds Science Stories
Raymond A. Palmer; Howard Browne Mammoth Western
Raymond Garlick The Anglo-Welsh Review
Raymond J. Smith Ontario Review
Raymond W. Porter Chief Detective
Raymond W. Porter Gem Detective
Rebecca Childers Iowa Woman
Rebecca Wolff (in 2000 - 2002); Fiction editor is Jonathan Lethem Fence
Redmond A. Simonsen & Michael Moore Ares Special Edition
Reeves Shaw Newnes Adventure Library
Reeves Shaw The Strand Magazine [1891]
Reeves Shaw The Captain [1899]
Reeves Shaw The Grand Magazine
Reeves Shaw Bulldog Library
Reeves Shaw The Happy Mag.
Reeves Shaw [Assistant Editors] Chums
Reeves Shaw? The Sunny Mag.
Reginald Arkell (1930s - 1954); Men Only
Reginald H. Moore; Vera M. Snelling Modern Reading
Reginald H. Poole British Boy
Reginald Pound The Strand Magazine [1891]
Reginald S. Taylor [Assistant Editor] Gem Library (New Series)
Reginald S. Taylor [Assistant Editor] Magnet Library
Reginald Smith The Cornhill Magazine
Reginald T. Eves The Boys' Friend [1895]
Rev John A. Hutton The British Weekly
Rev. Alexander Stewart The Instructor
Rev. Charles Bullock Home Words for Heart and Hearth
Rev. G. D'Avey Irvine Boys' Companion and British Traveller
Rev. Gerry Moloney Reality
Rev. H.G. Bonavia Hunt Little Folks (UK)
Rev. John Petty The Primitive Methodist Children's Magazine
Rex Haydon The Boys' Realm
Rex Haydon Horner's Weekly
Rex Haydon Pluck [1894]
Rex Hazelwood The Scout
Rex Stout Nero Wolfe Mystery Magazine
Rhian Ellis Tea Cup
Rhys Alle Dark Matter
Rich W. Harvey Pulp Adventures
Richard A. Martinsen Scotland Yard
Richard B. Mathews The Tampa Review
Richard Bennett Lilliput
Richard Bentley Temple Bar
Richard Burgin Boulevard
Richard Chizmar Grave Tales
Richard Danielson & Christian Herter The Independent
Richard Duffy Ainslee's Magazine
Richard E. Lauterbach The Magazine of the Year
Richard Foerster Chelsea
Richard Frederick Clarke The Month
Richard Freeborn Oceans of the Mind
Richard Goldstein US, The Paperback Magazine
Richard Gorham Badger The Red Letter (US)
Richard H. Titherton Munsey's Magazine
Richard Hack Oxygen
Richard Hengist Horne The Monthly Chronicle [1838]
Richard Ingrams The Oldie
Richard Ingrams, Ian Hislop Private Eye
Richard Kyle The Argosy [1882]
Richard L. Mealand Nash's Magazine
Richard Logsdon Red Rock Review
Richard Newman River Styx
Richard Peabody & Lucinda Ebersole Gargoyle (US)
Richard Peterson Crab Orchard Review
Richard Poirier Raritan: A Quarterly Review
Richard Rowland Starshore
Richard Simpson The Rambler [1848]
Richard Steele The Tatler [1709]
Richard T. Chizmar; William K. Schafer Cemetery Dance
Richard Watson Gilder The Century Magazine
'Rita' The Novelette
Rita Boyce (1948); Rita Boyce & Joan Seager Modern Miss
Rita Z. Paneth The Storyteller [1946]
Rob Davidson Sycamore Review
Rob Jeffrey Amaranth
Rob Payne Quarry Magazine
Rob Spillman with associates Tin House
Rob Wagner Script
Robb Sagendorph Yankee Magazine
Robert & Margaret Williams New Horizons
Robert & Nancy Garcia American Fantasy
Robert & Peggy Boyers Salmagundi
Robert A.W. Lowndes Action-Packed Western
Robert A.W. Lowndes Double-Action Detective Stories
Robert A.W. Lowndes Magazine of Horror
Robert A.W. Lowndes Startling Mystery Stories
Robert A.W. Lowndes Dynamic Science Fiction
Robert A.W. Lowndes Sky Raiders [1942]
Robert A.W. Lowndes Bizarre Fantasy Tales
Robert A.W. Lowndes World Wide Adventure
Robert A.W. Lowndes Thrilling Western Magazine (1968)
Robert A.W. Lowndes Smashing Detective Stories
Robert A.W. Lowndes Weird Terror Tales
Robert A.W. Lowndes Famous Science Fiction
Robert Arthur Pocket Detective Magazine [1936]
Robert Arthur The Mysterious Traveler Magazine
Robert Augustus Bennett Truth
Robert Barr The Idler [1892]
Robert Bell The Monthly Chronicle [1838]
Robert Bell The Monthly Chronicle [1838]
Robert Bixby Parting Gifts
Robert Bonner The New York Ledger
Robert Bonner, Jr. The New York Ledger
Robert Bridges Scribner's Magazine
Robert C. Sproul Saturn
Robert Carter Appleton's Journal
Robert Chambers, Jr. Chambers's Edinburgh Journal
Robert Collier How 7
Robert Collier to Mar-1932, then James E. Dodds Mind, Inc.
Robert Darden The Wittenburg Door
Robert E. Moore Pulp: Fiction and Poetry
Robert E. Sherwood Life [1883]
Robert Early to 1984, Ken Letko to 1988, George Looney to Spring 1999, now Wendell Mayo Mid-American Review
Robert Gebler Judge
Robert George Snake Nation Review
Robert Gibbs The Fiddlehead
Robert Goodney Ed McBain's Mystery Book
Robert Gottlieb The New Yorker
Robert H. Davis The All-Story Magazine [1905]
Robert H. Davis The Cavalier [1908]
Robert Harding The Boy's Own Paper
Robert Herring Life and Letters
Robert Hershon & collective Hanging Loose
Robert Hobart Davis Munsey's Magazine
Robert Hood Boy's Life (US)
Robert J. Hogan Captain Combat
Robert K. Philp (initially); J.A. Hammerton The Family Friend
Robert Killheffer Century
Robert Leighton Our Young Folks Weekly Budget
Robert Littell Littell's Living Age
Robert M. Price Crypt of Cthulhu
Robert M. Price Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror
Robert Murray Graydon The Union Jack Library [1894]
Robert N. Stephenson, Jim Deed, & Andrew Collings Altair
Robert N. Webster Fate
Robert O. Erisman Sky Devils
Robert O. Erisman Sports Leaders Magazine
Robert O. Erisman Complete Western Book Magazine
Robert O. Erisman Complete War Novels (Magazine)
Robert O. Erisman Star Detective Magazine
Robert O. Erisman Detective Short Stories
Robert O. Erisman Real Mystery Magazine
Robert O. Erisman Dynamic Science Stories
Robert O. Erisman American Sky Devils
Robert O. Erisman War Stories Magazine
Robert O. Erisman Best Sports (Magazine)
Robert O. Erisman Uncanny Stories
Robert O. Erisman Two-Gun Western
Robert O. Erisman War Novels Magazine
Robert O. Erisman Best Western (Magazine)
Robert O. Erisman Mystery Tales [1938]
Robert O. Greer, Jr. High Plains Literary Review
Robert Olmstead; Anne Ohman Youngs Passages North
Robert O'Loughlin The Delineator
Robert P. Crossley Household Magazine [1900]
Robert P. Mills The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
Robert P. Mills Jack London's Adventure Magazine
Robert Penn Warren The Southern Review [1935]
Robert R. Ward Bellowing Ark
Robert S. Davis Saturday Night [1865]
Robert S. Fogarty The Antioch Review
Robert S. McGonigal Classic Trains
Robert Sage transition
Robert Sheckley Omni
Robert Shepard at outset; Frank Stewart M^a~noa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing
Robert Sievier?; possibly Frank Sellicks to 1926? The Blue Magazine
Robert Somma Fusion
Robert Standish Sievier Sievier's Monthly
Robert Stein The Red Book
Robert Turner and Ryerson Johnson The Spider
Robert U. Johnson The Century Magazine
Robert W. Lewis North Dakota Quarterly
Robert W. Lowndes All Sports Magazine [1939]
Robert W. Lowndes Real Western Romances
Robert W. Lowndes Super Sports
Robert W. Lowndes Complete Cowboy Magazine
Robert W. Lowndes Double-Action Western
Robert W. Lowndes Sports Fiction
Robert W. Lowndes Ten Story Sports
Robert W. Lowndes Blue Ribbon Western
Robert W. Lowndes Sports Winners
Robert Walter Roanoke Review
Robert Watson The Celtic Review
Robert Weaver The Tamarack Review
Robert Weinberg Pulp
Robert Witz, Ron Kolm & Bill Mutter Appearances
Roberts Coles & Alex Harris Doubletake
Robie Macauley The Kenyon Review
Robie Macauley Playboy
Robin Dews White Dwarf
Robin Dudding Islands
Robin Hemley (in 1996); Brenda Miller The Bellingham Review
Robin Reeves The New Welsh Review
Robley Wilson (in 1998 - 2000); Vince Gotera The North American Review [1964]
Rod Marsden Masque Noir
Rod Smith Aerial
Roderic C. Penfield Peterson's Magazine
Roderic Penfield Arthur's Home Magazine
Roderick Clark Rosebud [1993]
Rodger Martin Worcester Review
Roger Dutcher The Magazine of Speculative Poetry
Roger Elwood Chillers
Roger Elwood Odyssey [1976]
Roger Elwood Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine (US)
Roger Lewis The Ringing World
Roger Roughton Contemporary Poetry and Prose
Rogers Terrill The Spider
Rogers Terrill Thrilling Mysteries
Rogers Terrill Dime Mystery Magazine
Rogers Terrill Battle Aces
Rogers Terrill Terror Tales [1934]
Rogers Terrill Battle Birds
Rogers Terrill Horror Stories [1935]
Rogers Terrill Detective Tales [1935]
Rogers Terrill The Secret 6
Rogers Terrill at outset Dime Western Magazine
Rogers Terrill at outset Dime Detective Magazine
Rogers Terrill with Henry Sperry Operator #5
Rogers Terrill; Michael Tilden Star Western
Roland Mathias The Anglo-Welsh Review
Roland Quiz (Richard Quittenton); unknown (probably May P. Japp) from #117 Young Folks' Tales
Rolfe Passer Mystery Digest
Ron Hanna Wild Cat Pulps
Ron Hanna Strange Worlds
Ron Hanna Strange Adventures (US)
Ron Hanna Fantastic Tales
Ron Hanna Lost Sanctum
Ronald Flatteau Climax (UK)
Ronald Forster Popular Science Fiction
Ronald Forster Future Science Fiction (Australia)
Ronald Forsyth Alfred Hitchcock's Suspense Magazine (Australia)
Ronald Moffat The Month
Ronald Oliphant Top-Notch Magazine
Ronald Oliphant Complete Stories
Ronald Oliphant All Fiction Detective Stories
Ronald Oliphant Detective Story Magazine [1915]
Ronald Oliphant Wild West Weekly
Ronald Oliphant The Thrill Book
Ronald Oliphant Sport Story Magazine
Ronald S. Lyons [Assistant Editor] The Scout
Ronald Spatz Alaska Quarterly Review
Ronald Wickers Venture Science Fiction (UK)
Rosa Sonneschein The American Jewess
Rosalind Wade The Contemporary Review
Roscoe Fawcett Battle Stories
Rose Wyn Love Fiction Monthly
Rose Wyn Super Western Magazine
Rose Wyn Ardent Love
Rose Wyn to 1937, then Harry Widmer Secret Agent X
Rose Wynn Captain Hazzard
Rosemary Pardoe Ghosts & Scholars
Rosie Boycott Esquire (UK)
Ross Emry Argos
Ross Leckie The Fiddlehead
rotates Prism International
rotating Cutbank
rotating The Carolina Quarterly
rotating amongst students The Cambridge Review
rotating editorship Hispanic Culture Review
rotating editorship So to Speak
rotating editorship Kiosk
rotating editorship Hayden's Ferry Review
rotating editorship Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art
rotating editorship The Madison Review
rotating editorship Fourteen Hills: The SFSU Review
rotating editorship Dominion Review
rotating editorship; Brian Leung Indiana Review
rotating editorship; Pat Stansberry Whiskey Island Magazine
rotating student consortium Yale Literary Magazine
Rounsevelle Wildman The Overland Monthly
Roy Day Story: a magazine of new stories
Roy Day Vistas
Roy E. Chanslor, James T. Van Rensselaer and Willard Johnson Laughing Horse
Roy Miki West Coast Line
Roy S. de Horn Star Magazine
Roy Wilkins The Crisis
Rubeigh James Minney Everybody's Weekly
Ruben Sosa Villegas The Blood Review
Rubie Saunders Calling All Girls
Rufus Griswold International Weekly Miscellany
Rufus Griswold; John Neal Brother Jonathan
Russel I. Thackrey The Kansas Magazine
Russel Kesler The Florida Review
Ruth Craig Humpty Dumpty's Magazine for Little Children
Ruth Ebeling Love Story Magazine
Ruth L. Baer True Experience(s)
Ruth Lisa Schechter Croton Review
Ruth Maness Malcolm's
Ruth McCue & Joy Oestreicher Ellipsis...
Ryerson Johnson Detective Tales [1935]
S, Woodworth to 24-Jul-1824, then G.P. Morris The New York Mirror
S. Clarke Hook The Marvel
S. Knowles Our Boys and Girls' Band of Hope Journal
S. Rossiter Shepherd [Assistant Editor] The Union Jack Library [1894]
S.A. Shulas Godey's Lady's Book
S.C. Hall The New Monthly Magazine
S.C. Hall The New Monthly Magazine
S.H. Leader Girls' Realm
S.H. Leeder [Sam H. Hamer] Little Folks (UK)
S.O. Beeton The Young Englishwoman
S.S. McClure McClure's Magazine
Sale Barker Little Wideawake
Sally Cragin Button
Sam Bierman; later Ralph Daigh Man Stories
Sam Merwin Fantastic Universe
Sam Merwin to 1959 then Hans Stefan Santesson The Saint Detective Magazine
Sam Merwin, Jr. Startling Stories
Sam Merwin, Jr. Air Wonder Stories
Sam Merwin, Jr., Frank Belknap Long, Alden H. Norton, Charles E. Fritch Mike Shayne Mystery Magazine
Sam Mines Startling Stories
Sam Moskowitz Science-Fiction Plus
Sam Moskowitz Weird Tales
Sam Putnam and H. C. Auer, Jr. Youth: A Magazine of the Arts [1921]
Sammy DePasquale LIA
Samuel Bierman Best Stories (of All Time)
Samuel C. Atkinson Graham's Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine
Samuel E. Weston The American Union
Samuel G. Howe & J.O. Sargeant New England Magazine [1831]
Samuel Goodrich Merry's Museum
Samuel J. Smith The Siam Repository
Samuel Johnson The Rambler [1750]
Samuel Lucas Once a Week [1859]
Samuel Lucas The Shilling Magazine
Samuel Merwin Fantastic Story Quarterly
Samuel Mines Fantastic Story Quarterly
Samuel Mines Space Stories
Samuel Mines Air Wonder Stories
Samuel Mines Triple Detective
Samuel O. Beeton Boy's Own Magazine. An illustrated journal of Fact, Fiction, History and Adventure
Samuel O. Beeton Boys' Own Journal and Youths' Miscellany
Samuel R. Delany & Marilyn Hacker Quark/
Samuel Roth Beau
Samuel T. Clover Argonaut [1877]
Samuel Tankel Short Story International
Sandra Berris Whetstone
Sarah Dobbs Scifantastic Magazine
Sarah Endacott Orb Speculative Fiction
Sarah Josepha Hale Godey's Lady's Book
Sarah Kilby Woman and Home
Sarah Koops Vanderveen Mars Hill Review
Sarah Koops Vanderveen Mars Hill Review
Sarah Ruth Jacobs Lullaby Hearse
Saul Bellow The Noble Savage
Saul Bellow & Keith Botsford (News from the) Republic of Letters
Scofield Thayer & James Sibley Watson, Jr. The Dial
Scott Dorward The Hardcore
Scott Edelman Science Fiction Age
Scott Edelman Last Wave
Scott McMillan Far West
Seamus Campbell Irish Bookman
Sean Burke Post Road
Sean Masterson White Dwarf
Sean O'Faolain The Bell
Seba Smith The United States Magazine
Selby Bateman Hemispheres
Septimus Sears / others Young People's Treasury [New Series]
Sewell Haggard Everybody's Magazine
Shadwell Oman ProtoStellar
Shane Ryan Staley Delirium
Shar O'Brien NFG
Sharon Moore Ranch Romances
Shaun Lockhart Story Digest [1996]
Shawn Dogimont Hobo
Shawna McCarthy Isaac Asimov's Tomorrow's Voices
Shawna McCarthy Realms of Fantasy
Shawna McCarthy Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine
Shawna McCarthy Science Fiction Digest [1981]
Sheila Williams Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine
Shelagh Nugent Peninsular Magazine
Shelia Watson, Steven Scorbie, Douglas Barbour, John Orrel, Norman Yates & Wilfred Watson White Pelican
Sherri Armel, Carol Newman, Lawrence Walsh & Suella Walsh Red Herring Mystery Magazine
Sherry Decker Indigenous Fiction
Sheryl Tempchin Zahir
Shirley Brooks Bentley's Miscellany
Shirley Brooks Punch
Shirley Powell Oxalis
Sidney Saylor Farr Appalachian Heritage
Sidney Sime The Idler [1892]
Sidney Warner Children's Newspaper
Simon Forrest White Dwarf
Sir Gilbert E. Campbell; later Philip May Lambert's Monthly Magazine
Sir John Acton The Rambler [1848]
Sir Richard Rees The Adelphi (1923)
Sol Assael Futuristic Science Stories
Sol Cohen Avon Science Fiction and Fantasy Reader
Sol Cohen Great Science Fiction Magazine
Sol Cohen The Most Thrilling Science Fiction Ever Told
Sol Cohen Weird Mystery
Sol Cohen Science Fantasy Yearbook
Sol Cohen Science Fiction Classics [1967]
Sol Cohen The Strangest Stories Ever Told
Somers J. Summers The Union Jack Library [1894]
Somers J. Summers Pluck [1894]
Somers J. Summers The Marvel
Sophia Bledsoe Herrick The Southern Review [1867]
Spencer Cone Democratic Review
Stan Boddington Champion
Stan Boddington The Boys' Realm
Stan Boddington [Assistant Editor] The Marvel
Stan Lee Epic (1980)
Standish O'Grady The All Ireland Review
Stanhope W. Sprigg The Windsor Magazine
Stanley Austin [Assistant Editor] Magnet Library
Stanley Austin [Assistant Editor] Gem Library (New Series)
Stanley Dehler Mayer Fantasy: A Literary Quarterly
Stanley H. Nelson The Boys' Magazine [1922]
Stanley Schmidt Astounding Stories/Science-Fiction
Stanley Schmidt Analog Annual
Stanley Schmidt, Editor Analog Anthology
Stanley W. Lindberg; Stephen Corey The Georgia Review
started by Mary Zane Allen; rotating editorship The Cream City Review
Stefan Lorant Lilliput
Stephanie Holt Meanjin
Stephanie Saible Woman's World [1986]
Stephen Bond Private Eye [1953]
Stephen Donadio New England Review
Stephen Gregg Eternity Science Fiction
Stephen Higgins & Dirk Strasser (1990 - 2000); Keith Stevenson (2001 - 2004); Robert Hoge & Ben Payne Aurealis
Stephen Jones & David A. Sutton Fantasy Tales
Stephen King-Hall Mine
Stephen L. Smoke to #4, then Thomas Godfrey Mystery [1979]
Stephen Mark Rainey Deathrealm
Stephen Pett Flyway
Stephen Spender Encounter
Stephen T. Allen Merry's Museum
Steve Algieri Pulp Eternity
Steve Erickson Black Clock
Steve Farrell Horror Stories [1935]
Steve Mullen Aura Literary/Arts Review
Steve Pasechnick Alchemy
Steve Pasechnik Strange Plasma
Steve Stanton Dreams and Visions
Steve Tomasula Notre Dame Review
Steven Conti; Victoria Lancelotta; Steven Carter Georgetown Review
Steven E. Fick Expanse
Steven Gilligan, John Greenwood & S.W. Theaker New Words
Steven Rauchman Portico [197?]
Steven Schreiner Natural Bridge
Stuart Coupe Mean Streets
Stuart Schiff Whispers
Su Llewellyn Mystic Fiction Magazine
Sue Horton The L.A. Weekly
Sue James Woman and Home
Sue James; Karen Livermore Family Circle (UK)
Sue Robinson Radio Times
Sumner Blossom The American Magazine
Susan Bal^e'e Northeast Corridor
Susan Dominus Nerve
Susan Kelly Time Out New York
Susanne Kass (in 1998 & 2000); Winne Wagaman Antietam Review
Susheila Nasta Wasafiri
Sutherland Edwards The Graphic
Suzanne B. Levine Ms. Magazine
Suzanne Kennedy Flynn Calling All Girls
Suzanne Ruthven Acclaim
Sy Safransky The Sun
Sydney D. Tremayne Seven Magazine of People's Writing
Sydney Fenn Smith The Month
Sydney Omarr Borderline
Sydney Rosenfeld Puck [1877]
Sylv^e`re Lotringer & Jim Fleming Semiotext(e)
Sylvia Sprigge The Abinger Chronicle
Sylvia Tankel Short Story International
T. E. D. Klein Great Stories from Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine
T. Harrison Roberts In Town
T. O'Conor Sloane Amazing Stories Quarterly [1928]
T. O'Conor Sloane Amazing Stories
T. Stanhope Sprigg Fantasy [1938]
T. Stanhope Sprigg War Stories [1935]
T. Stanhope Sprigg Air Stories [1935]
T. Stanhope Sprigg Western Adventures (UK)
T.A. Price Gaiety
T.E.D. Klein to Aug-1985; Michael Blaine to Oct-1986; then Tappan King Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone Magazine
T.E.D. Klein to Fall 1985, then Alan Rodgers Night Cry
T.F. Henn London Calling
T.H. Kelly The Black Cat (US)
T.M Pearce at outset; Dudley Wynn The New Mexico Quarterly
T.P. O'Connor T.P.'s and Cassell's Weekly
T.R. Smith The Century Magazine
T.S. Arthur Arthur's Ladies' Magazine
T.S. Eliot The Criterion (UK)
T.W.H. Crosland The Academy
Ted Genoways & Elizabeth Styron Meridian
Ted Patrick Holiday
Ted White Amazing Stories
Ted White Heavy Metal
Ted White Fantastic [1952]
Teddy Hayes Sherlock Holmes: The Detective Magazine
Terry Tavner Woman's Own
Thane Rosenbaum Tikkun
'The Admiral' Dreadnought
'The Black Prince' The Book of Terror
The Hon. R.C.R. Maugham Convoy
Theodore Dreiser Ev'ry Month
Theodore Dreiser Hampton's Magazine
Theodore Dreiser The Delineator
Theodore Dreiser Smith's Magazine
Theodore F. Bonnet & Edward F. O'Day The Lantern
Theodore Foster Democratic Review
Theodore Hook John Bull [1820]
Theodore Hook The New Monthly Magazine
Theodore Irwin Suspense [1951]
Theodore S. Hecht Adventures in Horror
Theodore S. Hecht True Men Stories
Theodore S. Hecht All Man
Theodore S. Hecht True Battles of World War II
Theodore Sedgwick Harper's Weekly
Theodore Solotaroff New American Review [1967]
Theodore Solotaroff New American Review [1977]
Theodore Tilton The Independent
Theoharis Constantine Theoharis The Boston Book Review
Theresa Coty O'Neil Third Coast
Theresa Dyer The Black Cat (US)
Theron Montgomery Alabama Literary Review
Thomas A. Rhodes Portland Review
Thomas B. Morgan The Village Voice
Thomas B. Mosher Bibelot
Thomas B. Wells Harper's New Monthly Magazine
Thomas Bailey Aldrich The Atlantic Monthly
Thomas Bailey Aldrich Every Saturday
Thomas Beller, Daniel Pinchbeck Open City
Thomas Bertram Costain Maclean's Magazine
Thomas Bonner, Jr Xavier Review
Thomas Bowles to 1889, A.G. Witherby to 1900, Oliver Fry to 1904, B. Fletcher Robinson to 1907, Frank Harris to 1911, T.R. Allinson to 1913 Vanity Fair (UK) [1868]
Thomas Burke The Boys' Realm
Thomas Byerly, P.B. St John, The Mirror of Literature
Thomas Bywater Smithie The British Workman
Thomas C. Glynn The New York Weekly
Thomas Campbell The New Monthly Magazine
Thomas Campbell The Metropolitan Magazine [1831]
Thomas Colsey Truth
Thomas Cottrell Clarke The Saturday Evening Post
Thomas Deja (#1), Sean Wallace Underworlds
Thomas Dunn English The Old Guard
Thomas Durwood Ariel: The Book of Fantasy
Thomas E. Watson Watson's Jeffersonian Magazine
Thomas Emmett Our English Girls Journal and Lady's Magazine
Thomas Escott The Fortnightly Review
Thomas Fleming Chronicles
Thomas Frank The Baffler
Thomas Hood The New Monthly Magazine
Thomas Hood Hood's Magazine
Thomas L. Long (in 2002); Brian Bouldrey Harrington Gay Men's Fiction Quarterly
Thomas L. Masson Life [1883]
Thomas M. Kelly Short Short Story Magazine
Thomas P. Kettell Democratic Review
Thomas Russell River City
Thomas Seltzer The Masses
Thomas Smibert Chambers's Edinburgh Journal
Thomas T. Taylor Plume & Sword
Thomas Wilson The Overland Monthly
Thornton Burgess Good Housekeeping (US)
Tim Green The Illustrated London News
Tim Hill Audience
Tim Johnson Dark Corners
Timothy Flint The Knickerbocker or New-York Monthly Magazine
Timothy Shay Arthur Arthur's Home Magazine
Tina Brown Vanity Fair (US)
Tina Brown Talk
Tina Brown The Tatler [1901]
Tina Brown The New Yorker
Tobias Smollett The British Magazine
Tobias Smollett The Critical Review
Toby Young The Modern Review [1991]
Tod Lippy Esopus
Todd H. C. Fischer Imelod
Toiya Kristen Finley Harpur Palate
Tom & Ginger Johnson Action Adventure Stories
Tom & Ginger Johnson UFO
Tom & Ginger Johnson Weird Stories
Tom & Ginger Johnson Classic Pulp Fiction Stories
Tom & Ginger Johnson Behind the Mask
Tom & Ginger Johnson Echoes
Tom & Ginger Johnson Double Danger Tales
Tom & Ginger Johnson Detective Mystery Stories
Tom & Virginia Johnson Startling Science Stories
Tom Boardman Bloodhound Detective Story Magazine
Tom Boardman Pocket Reader Series
Tom Chadburn Golden West (Magazine) [1927]
Tom Chadburn The Witch's Tales
Tom Chadburn Secret Service Stories
Tom Chadburn Tropical Adventures
Tom Chadburn; Harold Hersey; Tom Wood The Underworld
Tom Chadburn? International Detective Cases
Tom Clyde HU (The Honest Ulsterman)
Tom Eadie Quarry Magazine
Tom Hood Fun
Tom Hopkinson Lilliput
Tom Kealey Cities and Roads
Tom Lorenz Cottonwood
Tom Taylor Punch
Tom Wood Complete Underworld Novelettes
Tony Cross More!
Tony Davis The Pulpster
Tony Lee The Zone
Tory Anderson Irreantum
Tracy Cabot Confidential
Tracy Feeler & Cullen Bunn Glyph
Tracy Martin Mindmares
Trevor Denyer Roadworks
Trevor Denyer Legend: Worlds of Possibility
Trevor Denyer Midnight Street
Trevor Henley Wide World Magazine
Trevor Spooner Modern Woman
Tricia Currans-Sheehen The Briar Cliff Review
Tristram Hull most issues, later with co-editors Nimbus
Trumbull White Everybody's Magazine
Trumbull White The Red Book
Trumbull White Adventure [1910]
Tyree Campbell Aoife's Kiss
Tyree Campbell Beyond Centauri
Tyree Campbell & Erin Donahoe Illumen
Uncle River Xizquil
unknown Sharpe's London Magazine
unknown Cute Fun
unknown, possibly Alfred W. Cole Sharpe's London Magazine
V. Edmund Grimley Boy's Cinema
V.F. Calverton The Modern Quarterly
Valerie Sayers Notre Dame Review
Van K. Brock International Quarterly
Vance Bourjaily New World Writing
Vance Thompson M'lle New York
various Time and Tide
various Berkeley Fiction Review
various Andromeda Spaceways In-flight Magazine
various The New Age
various individuals inc. Cheyne Brady The Dublin University Magazine
various OUSFG members Sfinx
various rotating editorship. Hawai'i Review
various short-term The Overland Monthly
various, currently George Sanderson The Antigonish Review
various; A. Manette Ansay (in 1994); Christopher Howell Willow Springs
various; Barry Weller Western Humanities Review
Vera Gold 96 INC
Vere Smith The Lady's Realm
Vernon Woodhouse? The Passing Show
Vertie A. Coyne St. Nicholas
Vicki Lipira Great Mystery and Suspense Magazine
Victor S. Clarke Littell's Living Age
Victoria Hayden-Chen Playboy
Vincent dePaul Antheon
Vincent Evans Truth
Vincent McCaffrey Fiction: A Magazine of Storytelling
Vincent Starrett The Wave
Violet Milner The National Review [1883]
Virgina O'Day, Alexander Samalman Snappy Magazine
Virgina O'Day, Alexander Samalman Snappy Stories
Virginia Howard Thema
Vivian Locke Ellis Open Window
W. Adolphe Roberts Brief Stories
W. Adolphe Roberts American Parade
W. B. Home-Gall Nelson Lee Library (Original Series)
W. Comyns Beaumont Pan
W. Dean Howells The Atlantic Monthly
W. E. Henley London
W. E. Johns Popular Flying
W. George Wright The Boys' Realm
W. H. Ainsworth The New Monthly Magazine
W. H. Back The Boys' Journal [1913]
W. H. Bidwell The Eclectic Magazine
W. H. Wilkins & H. Crackanthorpe The Albemarle
W. Howard Baker Sexton Blake Library
W. J. Thoms Notes and Queries
W. Llewelyn Williams The Sunday Strand
W. M. Clayton Mobs
W. Meynell Whittemore Sunshine [1862]
W. Morgan Shuster The Century Magazine
W. Paul Ganley Weirdbook
W. Scott Olsen Ascent
W. T. Stead The Review of Reviews
W. T. Stead (1896-1912); Estelle Stead Books for the Bairns
W.A. Blais Falcon
W.A. O'Donnell The Red Magazine
W.A. O'Donnell? All-Story Magazine (UK)
W.A. Stephens Vanity Fair [1859]
W.A. Williamson Pan
W.A. Williamson The 20 Story Magazine
W.A. Williamson The Passing Show
W.B. Home-Gall Chums
W.B. Home-Gall Sexton Blake Library
W.C. Bartlett The Overland Monthly
W.C. LaMarsh Canadian War Stories
W.E. Henley The New Review [1889]
W.E.B. DuBois The Crisis
W.E.B. DuBois Phylon
W.F. Ainsworth The New Monthly Magazine
W.H. Kofoed Jack Dempsey's Fight Magazine
W.H. Miller The Leisure Hour
W.H. Wills Chambers's Edinburgh Journal
W.H.D. Adams Everybody's Journal
W.H.G. Kingston The Union Jack
W.I. Nichols Sunset
W.J. Linton The Illuminated Magazine
W.J. Morgan The St James's Magazine
W.L. Courtney Murray's Magazine
W.L. Courtney The Fortnightly Review
W.L. Doty Sunset
W.L. Emmett The Young Briton
W.L. Emmett The Young Englishwoman's Journal
W.L. Emmett The Young Ladies of Great Britain
W.L. Emmett The Young Englishman's Journal
W.M. Clayton Dan Dunn Detective Magazine
W.R. Hayden The Star Spangled Banner
W.R. Home-Gall The Boys' Friend [1895]
W.W. Scott Super-Science Fiction
W.W. Scott Trapped Detective Story Magazine
W.W. Scott Guilty Detective Story Magazine
W.W. Scott Man to Man
Wade Nichols Good Housekeeping (US)
Wade Nichols The Red Book
Waldo Browne The Dial
Waldo Browne The Dial
Wallace I. Green Story Digest Magazine
Wallace R. Bamber Far East Adventure Stories
Wallace Stevens The Briarcliff Quarterly
Wallace T. Foote Detective Book Magazine
Walt M. Fisher The Overland Monthly
Walter B. Gibson Tales of Magic and Mystery
Walter Besant The Author
Walter Burton Baldry Ouseley's Magazine
Walter Cummins The Literary Review (US)
Walter Davenport Collier's Weekly
Walter Flower [Assistant Editors] Chums
Walter Gibson Fantastic Science Fiction
Walter Gibson, though identified at Webster Scofield True Strange Stories [1929]
Walter Gillings Science Fantasy [1950]
Walter Gillings Tales of Wonder
Walter H. Gillings Fantasy [1946]
Walter H. Light Tales for Little People (New Series 1)
Walter H. Light Dick Turpin
Walter H. Light Diamond War Library
Walter H. Light Boys' Own Library [1907]
Walter H. Light Spring-Heeled Jack
Walter H. Light Diamond Library (New Series)
Walter H. Light Boys' Own Library (Second series)
Walter H. Light Aldine Racing Novels
Walter H. Light Aldine Novels
Walter H. Light Aldine Mystery Novels
Walter H. Light Aldine Football Stories
Walter H. Light Aldine Football Novels
Walter H. Light Aldine Detective Tales
Walter H. Light Aldine Cheerful Library
Walter H. Light (New) Buffalo Bill Library
Walter H. Light Boys' Comic Library
Walter H. Light Cheerful Adventure Library
Walter H. Light Cheerful Adventure Library (New Series)
Walter H. Light New Black Bess Library
Walter H. Light True Blue War Library
Walter H. Light True Blue (Third Series)
Walter H. Light Aldine Boxing Novels
Walter H. Light Tip Top Detective Tales
Walter H. Light Aldine Adventure Library
Walter H. Light The Comic Library
Walter H. Light Jack Sheppard
Walter H. Light Invention Library (New Series)
Walter H. Light Invention Library
Walter H. Light Tales for Little People (New Series 2)
Walter H. Light Aldine Dixon Brett Detective Library
Walter H. Light Claude Duval Library
Walter H. Light Robin Hood Library (Second Series)
Walter H. Light Robin Hood Library (Third Series)
Walter H. Light Robin Hood Library (Fourth Series)
Walter H. Light Aldine Cinema Novels
Walter H. Light Robin Hood Library [1901]
Walter H. Light Red Rover Library
Walter Hines Page World's Work
Walter Hines Page The Atlantic Monthly
Walter Howey The American Weekly
Walter Kirn Gentlemen's Quarterly
Walter L. Gammons Spectrum Stories
Walter R. Schmidt Mantrap
Walter Shute The Union Jack Library [1894]
Walter Sichel Time [1879]
Walter Smith Cassell's Magazine
Ward Marshall Black Book Detective Magazine
Warren Hinckle Argonaut [1993]
Warren Lapine Absolute Magnitude
Warren Marr, II The Crisis
Wayne Chapman South Carolina Review
Wayne Dodd Ohio Review
Wayne Edwards Palace Corbie
Wemyss Reid The Woman's World [1886]
Wendy Bradley Farthing
Wendy Lesser Threepenny Review
Wesley Kawato Nova Science Fiction
Wesley Stout The Saturday Evening Post
West F. Peterson to Jan-1937; then Arthur Lawson Public Enemy
Whit Burnett & Martha Foley; White & Hailie Burnett; Lois Rosenthal Story
Wilbur L. Cross; J. D. McClatchy The Yale Review
Wilbur L. Schramm & Paul Engle American Prefaces
Wilfred Whitten T.P.'s Weekly
Wilfred Whitten John o' London's Weekly
Wilfrid Hindle The English Review
Will Levinrew Great Detective
Will Murray Skullduggery
Will Murray Duende
Willard Crosby Strange Detective Mysteries
Willard Huntington Wright The Smart Set
Willard Spiegalman Southwest Review
William & Margaret Crawford Fantasy Book [1947]
William & Mary Howitt Howitt's Journal of Literature and Popular Progress
William A. Robbins Male
William Allingham Fraser's Magazine
William Bittle Wells to Nov-1906; then Lute Pease. The Pacific Monthly
William Blackwood Blackwood's (Edinburgh) Magazine
William Blackwood Blackwood's (Edinburgh) Magazine
William Blain (1933 - 1941); Andrew Hunter The Hotspur
William Blaine (1928 - (1950s)); Norman Hunter The Wizard [1922]
William Blaine [Assistant Editor] Rover
William Bradford Huie The American Mercury
William Brown-Forbes Science Fiction [1941]
William C. & Francis P. Church The Galaxy [1866]
William C. Edgar The Bellman
William Chambers Chambers's Edinburgh Journal
William Clark Larrabee The Ladies' Repository
William Corcoran Adventure [1910]
William Davis Punch
William de Grouchy The Shadow
William de Grouchy The Shadow
William DeGrouchy Doc Savage
William Dugdale Peeping Tom [1849]
William E. Graves The American Union
William Emmett Laurence The Young Gentlemen of Britain
William Emmett Lawrence Sons of Britannia
William Empson, Jacob Bronowski, Hugh Sykes & Humphrey Jennings Experiment
William Ernest Henley The National Observer
William F. Nolan to #3, then Charles E. Fritch & Jack Matcha Gamma
William Fayal Clarke St. Nicholas
William Freeman Lloyd Child's Companion and Juvenile Instructor
William Fulford The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine
William G. Raley After Hours
William G. Wilson; Horace L. Gold was Fiction Editor on last two issues Questar
William Gibbons Boys' Friend Library
William Gifford The Quarterly Review
William Gillmore Simms The Southern and Western Monthly Magazine and Review
William H. Back Boys' Friend Library
William H. Back The Boys' Realm
William H. Back The Union Jack Library [1894]
William H. Back [Editor-in-Chief] Sexton Blake Library
William H. Back [Editor-in-Chief] Nelson Lee Library (Original Series)
William H. Kofoed Gay Book Magazine [1938]
William H. Kofoed Gay Book Magazine [1957]
William H. Kofoed (to 1932); Jack O'Sullivan on revival Fight Stories
William H. Maas Pluck [1894]
William H. Maas Big Budget
William H. Maas The Union Jack Library [1894]
William Hamling Imagination
William Hamling Imaginative Tales
William Harrison Ainsworth Ainsworth's Magazine
William Harrison Ainsworth Ainsworth's Magazine
William Harrison Ainsworth Bentley's Miscellany
William Hayes Ward The Independent
William Hazlitt the Younger The Romancist and Novelist's Library
William Henry Forman The Manhattan
William Henry Thomes The American Union
William Henry Wilkins The Lady's Realm
William I. Nichols This Week
William J. Brittain Time and Tide
William James Thorold The Smart Set (UK)
William Jeffers 2 Book Mystery Magazine
William Jerdan, S. Phillips, L. Reeve, J.M. Jephson The Literary Gazette
William Jones Book of Dark Wisdom
William Kingston Sawyer Funny Folks
William Kofoed Brief Stories
William Kostka Flynn's (Weekly Detective)
William L. Chenery Collier's Weekly
William L. Emmett The English Girls Journal and Ladies' Magazine
William L. Mayer Airplane Stories
William L. Mayer Complete Aviation Novel Magazine
William L. Mayer Zeppelin Stories
William Le Queux? Piccadilly [1887]
William Lewis Allen [Editor in Chief] The Oracle
William Lloyd The Youth's Magazine
William M. Clements; Norman Lavers (in 2000); Norman E. Stafford Arkansas Review: A Journal of Delta Studies
William M. Johnson Harper's Bazar/Bazaar
William M. Reedy Reedy's Mirror
William Macfarlane Mystery Digest
William Maginn John Bull [1824]
William Maginn Fraser's Magazine
William Makepeace Thackeray The Cornhill Magazine
William Manners Sleuth Mystery Magazine
William Manners, G.F. Goster, Ernest M. Hutter, Eleanor Sullivan, Cathleen Jordan; Linda Landrigan Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine
William Morris The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine
William Moy Thomas Cassell's Magazine
William Mudford John Bull [1820]
William Peterfield Trent Sewanee Review
William Phillips Partisan Review
William Pike The Boys' Friend [1895]
William Pike [Assistant Editor] Magnet Library
William R. Kane The Black Cat (US)
William R. Shelton True Strange (Stories) [1956]
William R. Thompson Accused Detective Story Magazine
William Richardson Lilliput
William Robertson Nicoll The British Weekly
William Robertson Nicoll The Bookman
William S. Walsh Lippincott's Magazine
William Shawn The New Yorker
William Skinkle Knickerbocker Sewanee Review
William Smith Trunk Stories
William Smith Mitchell The Australian Journal
William Stevens The Leisure Hour
William Stevens Smart Novels
William T. Porter Spirit of the Times
William Tait Tait's Edinburgh Magazine
William Teignmouth Shore The Academy
William Thomson The Chartist Circular
William Tinsley Tinsley's Magazine
William Tinsley, assisted by Edmund Downey Tinsley's Magazine
William Tinsley, assisted by William Croft Tinsley's Magazine
William W. Snowden The Ladies' Companion
William Watkins Lads of the Village
William Winter Air Trails [1928]
Williams & Patmore The New Monthly Magazine
Willian Jordan Rapp True-Story
Willis S. Abbot The United States Monthly Magazine
Wilson da Silva Cosmos
Wm. E. Annis Ev'ry Month
Woodrow & Susan Wyatt English Story
Wyndham Lewis The Tyro
Wyndham Lewis Blast^._Review of the Great English Vortex
Zoe King Buzzwords